Mascara "Chanel", its types and properties

Today rarely what woman does not use mascara.Even if she does not paint the eye shadows, pencils and eyeliner she has made up cilia necessarily because they, long and fluffy, making eyes more expressive, softer and more mysterious.Today beauty market is almost overflowing with all kinds of ink: the extension, tightening up, gives volume, etc.The color palette is also very diverse, despite the fact that most women still prefer black cilia than green or purple.

One of the most popular is the mascara "Chanel".Its varieties are many, but each serves only one main goal: to make your eyes more beautiful.For example, ink «Chanel Sublime de Chanel» adds cilia length and curls them.It falls evenly without stumbling into lumps and without creating the effect of "spider legs."Also contained within it provitamins care for eyelashes, make them shiny and elastic, protect it from harmful external factors.

Next mascara "Chanel» - «Exceptionnel De Chanel».It increases in the volume of lashes and curls them.There is

enough convenient applicator, which is a combination of comb and brush.This combination allows you to apply mascara evenly distribute it along the entire length of each cilium.In this bending, which results in the paint process is well secured.In this specially formulated mascara, thanks to which it does not spread and are not showered.

Also pay attention to such multifunction ink "Chanel" as «Inimitable Multi-Dimensional Mascara».Its innovative soft but resilient elastomer brush is able to extend the blink of an eye, tweak and increase in the volume of eyelashes.In addition, it is well shared cilia and glues them.Those who use this mascara "Chanel", comments left on her positive and say that it really is as claimed in the summary description.

has a similar effect and ink «Inimitable Intense».Presented in several colors, it is perfectly separates lashes, carefully paints over them, making thicker and longer.Form elastomerovoy brush allows "to approach" to even the smallest cilia, which are located in the corner of eyes.Grasps the ink "Chanel" fast enough, but the second layer is applied at the same time as good as the first.Judging by the reviews, the biggest advantage of this mascara is no need for a second layer, because even one is enough to have acquired a decent view of the eyelashes.Allergic reactions to its composition was not observed.Also use it girl say that she had not showered for days, not smeared or printed on centuries even after sport.He grabs her for a long time.

And "snack" is another mascara "Chanel» - «Le Volume De Chanel».As the name suggests, it gives lashes volume.It is also of little curls and lengthens.Cilia after its application remains supple, well-dyed.It is worth noting that the color ink after its application appears as black, with a subtle shade of your chosen color.However, the effect of it is that it can change the hue of your eyes.