Amazing spirits "Fiji"

many more people in our country remembered the days of shortages that could not buy anything, but something that could "get."This applies to absolutely all goods: from boiled sausage and ending with a small volume of the collected works of the beloved author.Needless to say that the acquisition of the good spirits of any Soviet woman could only dream of.

Surprisingly, at the empty shelves of all stores, including perfume, in the country knew about the existence of good spirits.They brought the sailors from foreign trips, but sometimes at the end of the month "dumped" in the Central Department Store.With some envy looking at the happy owner of fragrant boxes, to withstand many hours of all those who stood at the very end of it.Spirits "Fiji" has always been a pipe dream of millions of women in our country.

brand Guy Laroche - luxury brand producing not cheap products.The high price of spirits is justified pyatidesyatitr—Ďhletney brilliant history, the highest quality and exclusivity of any product


founder of this company was the French designer Guy Laroshe.He began his career in 1949 with the creation of a collection of women's hats, working as an assistant to the famous Jean Desse.Own fashion house Guy Laroche opened in 1957.At the same time he presents his collection of clothes.Nine years later, in 1966, the company Guy Laroche acquaints the general public with their first fragrance, which later became the hallmark of the brand.Spirits made a splash in perfumery.

"Fiji" - spirits with a very light, full of vitality fragrance.They can be used during the day at work and in the evening in a festive atmosphere.They are a surprising combination of lightness, airiness to the mystery and femininity.

For almost 50 years the spirits of "Fiji" do not lose their popularity.Millions of women around the world to enjoy your favorite flavor.His name was in honor of the spirits of the beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, where the rest Guy Laroche.With perfume author conveyed the atmosphere and mood of this sunny island.Therefore, in the flavor "Fiji" feels refreshing, sweetish notes of hyacinth, lemon and bergamot.Fresh citrus notes create a first impression of this fragrance.

Deep compositions you can feel the heady scent of jasmine, lilacs and roses.Completed impression of this fragrance myrrh, sandalwood and delicate floral notes.It is these notes do "Fiji" universal spirits.They are primarily designed for the elegant and gentle woman.Stylish and very strict square bottle is captivating in its simplicity.Spirits "Fiji" that you buy today will be slightly different from the first version, which appeared in 1966.The fact is that in 2000, "Fiji" was a little bit modified, so fans of this fragrance can feel a slight difference.

often by women can be heard the question: "Can the spirits today," Fiji "to buy the original version, because there are so many fakes?".To buy genuine perfumes, contact the major perfume shops or use the services of a trusted online store.