The perfume or toilet water, what is the difference?

Many wonder about the difference between perfume water from the toilet.And for some reason everyone thinks that the case of the difference of resistance of these funds.According to most people, some toilet water resistance inferior to the perfume.In fact, this view is mistaken.Today, both of these products quite popular in the market as the female half of the population, and among men.All perfume water formed in a pyramid, at the base of which there are fragrances.They, in turn, vary in their concentration.The more the aromatic oils in the perfume, the stronger will exude fragrance, and the longer it will remain on the skin or clothing.

Varieties of aromatic oils in a perfume product may be about 60 pieces.Expensive perfumes, in most cases, uses natural oil.In addition, in moderation include synthetic oil, which quickly disappears.Eau de parfum, consisting only of natural oils, it's very expensive.However, it is worth the money.Perfumes lower price framework is made substantially entirely of synthetic

components.Qualitative and real perfumes based on natural aromatic oils will delight you with its depth of flavor and ease of approximately 5-6 hours.

If you take, for example, toilet water, then we can say that it is divided into several component parts.First you feel the initial notes of the spray on the skin or on a paper test strip.After a couple of minutes you will begin to feel the flavor of the heavier components - the so-called notes of the heart.Within hours of entering chords aromatic base notes, which for a long time will delight you with colorful and playful scent.

Eau de Toilette reveals the essence of the best components.Its feature is that it opens the main flavors later than perfume, and before it gives the feel only mild tone.The toilet water is more important top notes, as they are felt first.The presence of aromatic oils in the toilet water has a very small percentage, as studies have shown.Resistance time is about 2 hours.

structure of the fragrance, or as it is popularly called, day spirits, a little different.Since its base note of the heart is a notch higher than the structure of the toilet water.When spraying, you will immediately feel a deep and basic components, that is the very heart note.This is the main cause of the mistaken belief that the Perfumery water is more stable and the strong fragrance.In one day the spirits of the most important components - a heart note.Interest rate of aromatic oils in perfumes usually do not exceed 12-13%.Perceptibility perfumes will delight you about 3-4 hours.

Spirits, in turn, have a fairly high level of aromatic oils.He is about 20% and more in-depth reports and bright flavor, as their base note is strongly expressed.

In this case it will be enough pertinent example which is often considered at the special perfume trainings and workshops.If you take the same flavor, but in its different versions - perfume, Eau de parfum and eau de toilette, and spray them on the test strips, you are likely to mix up the perfume to the spirits, as the latter have a sharp flavor and intuitivelyit seems that their concentration is much more pronounced.