Antonio Banderas - spirits from celebrities

Antonio Banderas - not only a popular actor in Hollywood, kinoobraz which is sexy and passionate handsome, but also the face of the brand perfume of the same name.Cosmetic line, production of which began in 1997, reflects the sophistication and elegance, sexuality and attractiveness, as well as a sense of style, combined with the charm of nature, which are fully characterized by the stellar cast.

Male perfume presented invigorating, pulsating, energetic fragrances.It is designed for the most active representatives of a strong half of humanity, ready for new challenges and feelings openly and boldly looking to the future.In the distaff side is dominated by the mysterious, intriguing and enchanting notes.Marc "Antonio Banderas", whose spirits have berry-fruit shades, gives the image of sensuality.Noble creates an image of the scent of jasmine, rose and the smell associated with impregnability.

Brand "Antonio Banderas", perfume and perfume water enjoyed incredible popularity, cooperating with «Puig

Beauty and Fashion Group», working at an international level.For ten years, under the name Hollywood star was released eight flavors.Each of them had a huge success.

brand "Antonio Banderas", spirits and perfume whose waters are filled with Mediterranean passion of the Spanish expression and subtle floral notes creates fragrances that correspond to a particular worldview and age.

unique perfume with a logo that is able to inspire men and women to charm.Winner of millions of fans, the Hollywood actor has become a little closer to its admirers.Currently fragrance under his name may find its rightful place in the collection of cosmetics any fashionista.The brand "Antonio Banderas' fragrance launches with unique flavors.These notes provide alluring and sensual image that inherent character in the film movie star.Women's perfume has a sweet echoes of mystery and oriental notes.

brand "Antonio Banderas", perfume and perfume water which were noted in 2003 FIFI Oscar for best flavor, considered the most prestigious among film lovers and connoisseurs of high quality flavors and uniqueness of their influence on the people around them.

Women's perfume "Antonio Banderas", the price of which is one hundred milliliters of about five hundred rubles, were first issued in 2005 under the name «Spirit for Women».They are intended for residents of cities, self-confident and able to surround himself at the same time passionate and romantic atmosphere.This fragrance helps to create a good mood and gives a feeling of joy and fullness of life.

large number of fans appreciated the perfume and the subsequent development of the brand.Delicate and sensual fragrance created around the fair sex aura of seduction and temptation, mystery and unpredictability.