Perfume Red Moscow - a legend, nostalgia and classic.

Perhaps the post-Soviet space, it will be difficult to find someone who'd never heard of these vintage spirits.And for many it is not so much perfume as exhilarating smell the distant days of the past, welcoming smell of a happy childhood and a delicate scent of the young mother or grandmother ... In short, the Red Moscow perfume - a story in a bottle, a huge story, the great and long-vanished country...

touch the dream.

Nevertheless, spirits Red Moscow still exist.Yes, they still produce nothing surprising in this, since for such a luxury, extraordinary and mysterious aroma that have spirits Red Moscow, it is impossible to remain indifferent.They have no grayness of everyday life or mediocrity.This fragrance for strong and sensual, for the brave and passionate.This perfume for present and confident woman.And that is why there are these spirits connoisseurs worldwide.After all, they are not difficult to assess to miss or forget.They remembered they intoxicate and excite the senses, whether it's love

or hate.

And let in the modern world has not yet invented a time machine, but if you want to touch the entire era, breathe deeply its most iconic smell, feel and experience its spirit, it is still possible to carry out ...

And just to get it, no, not a wide leg, and in stylish red box beautiful and elegant bottle ... Then slowly, like a sacrament, and in fact touching a living legend, open the lid, put a drop of these amazing velvetperfume on your wrist and wait ...

The smell of magic and celebration?

It should be noted that this is the case, when the sounds of letters and words are helpless, because they simply can not pass even a part of the brightness, spice and charming smell, which boasts Red Moscow.

Spirits really simple, and daisy chain and having a complex pyramid, for which they are often called heavy and intrusive.But if handled delicately, like, by the way, and we need to treat all these spirits, they can sound very smoothly and almost imperceptibly.

sensuality of neroli and bergamot subtlety - this is the first and so nice note exploring this masterpiece.Then, quite unexpectedly notes of ylang-ylang, violet and jasmine woven oriental motifs.And what could be at the heart of this fragrance, you're wondering?Rose and only rose, enveloping warmth and light tartness.And as the final chord sounded languid vanilla and toffee.

composition difficult, even controversial, and in many ways so do not leave anyone indifferent.Not very Empress Maria Fyodorovna, for which in 1913 and created "favorite bouquet Empress" later renamed the Red Moscow perfume;any such talented and beautiful women as Lyubov Orlova and Renata Litvinova, considering the smell rich and splendid;or hundreds of thousands of unknown Soviet and modern women of different professions and ages, but united by one - sensuality.Unbridled sensuality, pristine sensuality, without any frameworks, patterns and conditions.

And so ambiguous attitude to the fact that the spirits becomes not surprising.After all, what woman seldom dare loudly declare itself and become so prominent.This requires a daring character and fearless hot heart with tenderness over the edge.

Here's a she, the legendary Red Moscow.Perfumes, which are now possible to buy almost for nothing and perfumes, in which instantly fell in love, and often wore the Empress herself - it's all about them, about the luxury spirits Red Moscow.