Shaving Gel: advantages and application rules

year average man shaves off 15 cm stubble.He uses foam or shaving gel.The latter, according to research, is preferable.Let's look at this fact in detail.


Shaving Gel is distributed more evenly over the surface than foam.It is economical, but a bit expensive.Closer shave ensure transparency tools.The gel manufacturers add a variety of components of caring:

  • Sorbitol, which moisturizes and tightens the skin.
  • allantoin, vitamins and herbal extracts, anti-inflammatory wound healing and soothing effect.
  • soft surfactants that do not cause a feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin.

Of all gels are especially popular products companies Procter & amp; Gamble and Nivea.Let's dwell on them.

  1. Shaving Gel Gillette.The company Procter & amp; Gamble produces gels under the brand Gillette.Reasonable price and excellent quality of these facilities allowed to enter the house of many men.The range of products is represented gels for sensitive skin with aloe vera (Gillette Fusion);funds w
    ith special components that reduce friction when shaving (Gillette Series);Products with a calming effect on the extract of apricot (Gillette Satin);refreshing gels with softening ingredients that clean irritation and redness (Gillette Fusion Phantom).
  2. Shaving Gel Nivea.This tool includes technology Ultra Glide.Special ingredients soften the bristles and make shaving easier, and the effect on the skin - less strong.Shaving Gel protects the skin from redness.Smell nice, low-key.Convenient dispenser creates a uniformly distributed mass.As part of the no alcohol.Comfort and smooth - this is the result of this tool.

Proper use shaving gel

To some this may seem absurd, but it has its own rules shaving.With their help, the skin will be smooth, without any cuts, but the process will not cause much trouble.So, here they are:

  1. washing.Before shaving is necessary to wash with hot water.It will prepare the skin to the blade, soften the bristles.You can use special creams.Not bad for half a minute to attach to the face soaked in hot water towel.
  2. applying the gel.Squeeze shaving gel on hand.Evenly spread on the chin, cheeks and neck smooth circular movements.You can use a brush to apply.
  3. Shave.Shave only need a sharp blade.Application blunt the machine will only lead to irritation and cuts.The process starts with the cheeks (downward from the beginning of the bristles to the chin) for hair growth or slightly obliquely.With his free hand, you can pull the skin for better sliding.Under the chin the machine is carried out from the neck to the face.To avoid cutting blade must be periodically flushed with hot water.
  4. Removing Bristle in remote places.If, after shaving the hairs remain in inaccessible places, again, apply the gel on these areas and walk on them blade angles.You can process these plots machine washed without the gel.
  5. Washing and Treating skin lotion after shaving.After the procedure, you need to wash with cool water and apply aftershave.It is well softens the skin.After lotion, after a short time, or you can apply a soothing moisturizer.

Well, perhaps that's all.Use shaving gel and get pleasure from the procedure.