Liquid soap: the benefits and methods of cooking at home

«Clean - the guarantee of health" - the words of cartoon character.To argue with this truth, no one will.Since childhood we learn the rules of personal hygiene.In the morning you must wash, hands should be washed frequently and thoroughly, and once a day are mandatory water treatments for the whole body.All of these simple affairs of our assistant acts soap.

last few years is less common bar soaps in the bathrooms.And in the public areas and in hospitals for a long time it was replaced by liquid soap.These Are the purists?

Difficulties choice of soap

Standing in front of a shelf with hygiene, sometimes it is very difficult to determine.Some think that the solid and liquid soap differ only in consistency, so choose should be only on the basis of personal preferences.Despite the apparent similarities, differences are still there.

These two types of soap different levels of pH.Through advertising chewing gum, even a child knows about the acid-alkaline balance.However, this concept is not only the

mouth, but also the skin.The pH of the liquid soap is the same, which is the skin, namely 5.5.But solid soap has a pH of 9 and sometimes 12.

excess alkali in solid soaps can cause dry skin.Also alkaline environment does not leave a chance to various useful supplements (herbs, oils, etc.).

But liquid soap is able to store them in its structure for a long time.And that's not all his benefits.

Pros use liquid soap

  • Hygiene.Wet bar of soap after long stays wet, it is a great opportunity for bacteria to settle on its surface.Liquid soap in this case is less susceptible to attacks by pathogens.And in the public restrooms altogether inappropriate to use a solid.
  • bar soaps with time crack and warp, with a liquid similar metamorphosis occurs.
  • Saving water balance.Liquid soap does not dry the skin and creates a film on the surface, which prevents loss of moisture.Due to various additives such soap improves the skin of hands.
  • economic factors.Soap in liquid form better foams, however it must be a few drops.
  • convenience.Using liquid soap is much simpler than its solid counterpart.

Liquid detergent recommended for use in children's institutions.Baby liquid soap, organic and hypoallergenic.It includes various minimized synthetic additives.A herbal extracts care for the delicate skin of babies.Also, baby soap has a bland smell due to the small number of fragrances that prevents the development of allergies.

Liquid soap with their hands

Soap today is a popular hobby.Make a unique liquid soap own recipe is a snap.There are two prescription.The first option is very simple and is suitable in the case, if the house has accumulated a lot of solid residues of soap.

  • Rub a bar of solid soap or those residues that are on a fine grater.
  • of precipitating the resulting chips in the pot and fill with water (2-3 cups).We seek boiling liquid, while constantly stirring the mixture.
  • After dissolving soap in the water, pour a tablespoon of honey, 5 drops of glycerin and your favorite essential oil a few drops.

If you are fond of soap, then cook it from a special soap base.Make it easy, but need more time.