Spirits of "Climate" - a romantic legend of the Sixties

almost every decade of the twentieth century, the rapid can be described in a few words, in accordance with current events.Not necessarily these events occurred in world politics or implement scientific discoveries.These were the sixties.On the one hand - break space science, man broke away from Earth's gravity and looked at the side of a blue balloon.Another aspect - turn in fashion trends.

Fashion sixties called romantic and feminine: she finally lost the influence of the postwar years.We came to the podium model in elegant suits and mini dresses.Skirts shared wardrobe with pants and natural fabrics have given way to a synthetic novelty.Not spared fashion world and synthetic perfumes.Famous spirits "Klima" contain heart note is the chemical aldehydes.Unlike natural components, aldehydes are particularly resistant.

But who among fashionistas read into formulations favorite flavors?Against the background of the endless deficit French perfume "Klim" became the epitome of the dream of every Soviet wo

man.They could compete not only with the less resistant "Chanel №5» by Nina Ricci.Remember, he learned coming from the fragrance notes "Chanel" operative from the popular comedy "The Diamond Arm"?

Spirits "Klim" was used in the Soviet cinema as the most recognized brand.Unfading Christmas story entitled "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath" shows the most coveted gift under the Christmas tree.Ah, "Klim"!Spirits more than a decade in women caused a cry.

But any fashion something always ends.That's spirits "Klima" the very format that was so popular in the Soviet Union in 1991 removed from production.Unless they were irreplaceable?Just a friendly Poland was built factory to produce them.Together with the Polish spirits "perhaps" flavor of the "Lancome" fidgeted in shops of the Soviet Union.After the fall of the Iron Curtain and the break of goods from Europe have the opportunity to meet many other flavors.

only spirits "Klima" and remained for women post-Soviet standard of French perfumery, a symbol of success.Modern girls do not always understand the nostalgic delight caused by this vintage flavor, and it's understandable.Climat Perfume by Lancome created for mature, self-confident women.

necessary to have a special charm to enjoy this flavor.Perfume Climat require impeccable wardrobe, they are not "wear" with jeans and a T-shirt, they are not easy atmosphere will join the youth party.This flavor of luxury and elegance, style addition held by women.

nostalgia fans of the classic fragrance has not left indifferent lead managers Houses perfume Lancome.By the anniversary of its creation, in 2005, was released a collection of «La Collection Lancome», which includes spirits brand Lancome, have become classics.

As part of this collection got a new life branded fragrance "Klim".Of course, the sound of it has changed.New requirements for the raw material base of flavors and new technology has made perfume less persistent.The modern version of the classic perfume is available as a perfume and eau de toilette.It is easier and more democratic, more close to the floral accents.And the attitude to the flavor Climat by Lancome has also become easier and more prosaic.