Lifting of face and neck

We all know that after 30 years in the condition of the skin to some extent deteriorated.It occurs surface tension of the layer, which leads to the appearance of unsightly wrinkles in the face and neck.Thanks to modern plastic surgery became possible to cheat time.

This shows facelift and neck lift

face and neck - one of the most effective ways to combat wrinkles and folds, which are inevitable for everyone.Lifting not only changes the appearance of man, improve it, and it returns a sense of bygone youth, self-confidence, love for life.

Lifting face and neck to show people who are accustomed to take care of their appearance, public people.It should be noted that only very rarely do lifting neck without touching the person.Typically, patients require complex care.

And so that is lifting?

By lifting is commonly understood as the removal of skin folds and wrinkles by tightening the skin.It should be noted that this operation is a serious surgical procedure, followed by an extensive peeling of the

skin to be taut.This means that deciding on the lifting of the skin, should be taken seriously all the recommendations of the surgeon.

operation takes no more than 1,5-2 hours at lifting only the face or neck, and up to 4 hours - when the skin of the face and neck in the complex.After the operation is required to stay in the hospital for 2-10 days depending on the circumstances.

Partial and complete lifting

Distinguish partial and full lift.

When fully lift the skin is removed from both sides of the face.Incisions are made along the edge of the growth of hair on the head, from the forehead to behind the ear.The auricle in this envelope so that was not visible stitching.Next, exfoliate the skin on the side of the cheeks, chin and front of the neck, then pull it and remove the excess.Thus, you can smooth out wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, furrows on the cheeks, skin folds on the chin and on the neck.

Of course, during the operation observed symmetry: incision is the same, the skin is peeled off and pull, sutures - symmetrically on both sides of the face.

Partial lifting or partial lifting, the skin is stretched in certain areas - neck, forehead, upper eyelids and cheeks.Skin incisions, as in case of tightening, by making the border of hair growth, but on small areas - just at the temples, but on the forehead just behind the ear.In all other respects the operation is similar to the operation at full lifting.

also facelift is not only tightening of the skin, but if necessary and complex operation involving lifting muscle tissue.Although in this case, the operation is more expensive, the effect persists for a longer time.

What about the result?Having

lifting (face and neck), on average, can be under the age of 5 - 10 years.As for how long will the result of the operation is largely dependent on the patient, his nutrition, lifestyle.

Facelift and Neck: contraindications

lifting face and neck is not recommended for patients younger than 40 and older than 65 years.In the first case it is possible to solve the problem of non-surgical methods.People also older operation may lead to negative consequences, ie. A. The regeneration of the skin at this age is significantly reduced.

Lifting face and neck, as well as any other surgical procedure, carries risks.To pass this you need to pass a diagnostic procedure to exclude the presence of contraindications to lift.Lifting is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes, bleeding disorders, severe diseases of internal organs.