Fancy spice jars

Can you imagine cooking without spices?A cosmetology, medicine?Definitely not!

Spices are known to always pricey.So expensive that it becomes a stimulus for dangerous voyages around the world, or even the reason for wars and strife.Now most of the herbs and rare spices can be purchased without any problems, if they have to go after them, only to the nearest store or market.

have any housewife in the kitchen cabinet in store a lot of bags and kulechkov spices.Without going into the history of the origin, methods of use and other information about our beloved "roots and vershoks", today we'll talk about in a container to store the delight for our taste buds.Spices and now not so cheap to let the matter slide.

Many keep spices on hand, that is, near the stove, but capricious aromatic herbs and ground spices are afraid of the heat.They must be stored in the pantry or in the kitchen cabinet away from the working area and hot spots.

The most common spices are sold in bags, neat and beautiful, but it

is not suitable for long-term storage, because after opening fails to close tightly enough.As a result of the essential oils from spices disappear, they lose their flavor, aroma and inherent valuable properties.The easiest way to pour them into spice jars - glass, tin or plastic, with a tight-fitting lid.Light and moisture are harmful to spices, it is desirable that the containers were opaque and tightly closed.Wooden and ceramic spice jars usually are sealed not very tight, so not suitable for long-term storage of spices.It is best to all this abundance of fragrant stored in small bottles of dark glass.Ideally suited for this purpose because of different-sized containers for coffee, baby food, vitamins.Decorated with imagination homemade spice jars are functional, beautiful and can even decorate the kitchen of its kind.Not to mix spices, jars a better sign, using special stickers.Or is there still a good idea - cut labels with the name of the packaging bags and attach them to the bank with a transparent adhesive tape.If you have the desire and time, you can do more complex design, using a variety of techniques of decoration: decoupage, vintage, shtamping.

effectively looks in the kitchen spice jars on the magnets, and to realize this idea is especially easy if the kitchen is already something of stainless steel.If the bottom or lid of cans stick flat magnets (magnetic or special paper), they will keep well on the metal plane, such as on a side surface of the refrigerator.It obtained not only comfortable, but also stylish decoration for the kitchen.Jars of spices to sign not to accidentally confuse the turmeric and curry.

Store spices - it is certainly good, but to build large reserves are not worth it.Fresh spices still better.It makes sense to make the spice jars smaller size.If you take a piece of wood, the conventional test tubes and cork, it is possible to make a stand for storage of spices in small quantities.The bar is necessary to make holes of suitable diameter and by using parts attached to the wall.On the tube wear rubber O-rings and insert them into the holes and ... voila - the original stand ready.Faster mini cans obtained from the bolls of the "Tick-Tock".Spices pour, the cap to sign a suitable box to put - and in the drawer of the kitchen cabinet.Conveniently, and occupy little space.

Finally another tip.Another mound seasoning in a jar, enter the date, and at the same time ask shelf life of each of them not to speculate further, suitable spices or even already "dead".