Some recommendations on how to clean burnt jam

Despite the fact that today the deficit in food products in our country, there is simply no, and such goodies as, say, jam and marmalade, in a huge variety presented on the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets, many still engaged in their preparation inhome.This is easily explained: "Its has its own".

Many housewives often want to please their loved ones delicious strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apricot jam, which they do with great pleasure.But here's the thing: often, doing several things at once, they forget about the fact that on the plate they are preparing the dish, which is then seriously spoils the appearance of dishes.With this method, how to clean burnt jam, knows not every housewife.The recommendations given below can help solve this problem.But before we deal with how to clean burnt jam, let's define what material pans are particularly suitable for the preparation of the above goodies.

Since Soviet times, almost every family prepare food in aluminum cookware.This culinary experts

warn that the use of such a pan for cooking acidic foods is not recommended, because by doing so can cause damage to health.

In addition, when cleaning aluminum cookware need to be careful, as the aluminum particles can easily get into the soup or compote.

considering the question of how to clean burnt jam, tap the advantages and disadvantages of enameled capacities.Certainly, they have a long life, but jam boil them extremely long, moreover, they are all susceptible to overcooking.

pan or cast iron kettle - it's the best kitchen utensils for cooking pilaf, and if you do not care enough tangible energy consumption, and for the jam.However, it is important to remember one rule: treat immediately after preparation should roll in jars

Ceramic ware easiest to clean of soot and scale, but it is considered representative of the expensive cookware.

So, move on to the practical consideration of how to clean burnt pot on jam.

It should be noted that the enamel can not be affected by aggressive substances.If burnt jam in an enamel saucepan, then boil it in a better solution of salt and soda, leave overnight, then wipe with a sponge ordinary dishes.Do not immediately after the preparation of goodies to use cold water - temperature changes can damage the utensils made of the above material.Put the jam into another container and wait until the pan cools, and then fill with water.

If burnt jam in the aluminum pan, it is immediately put under running cold water and then add the soda at the rate of one liter of water to two tablespoons of baking soda.In no event it is impossible to wash dishes made of aluminum using alkaline agents.

cookware made of stainless steel, optimally purified by conventional table salt, while the proportion should be as follows: less water and more salt.Then the above composition boil and leave for a few hours - will work hard sponge.

Teflon surface is not recommended to be cleaned with a wire brush, with no alkaline solutions are used - they will remove carbon deposits.This is followed by wash dishes in cold water.

And, of course, you can use the old-fashioned way: to go to the store and buy tools that are specifically designed to remove carbon deposits from the dishes.