The fact that such a fleece fabric

Currently, for clothing and home textiles used by a huge number of modern materials.In all this variety is not the least is the fleece fabric.This, though synthetic, but very high quality material that has, compared to other, many indisputable advantages.How is it different from the others, what is and what are its advantages - it is just and will be discussed in this article.

What is fleece fabric

name of this material was formed on the basis of the English word Ā«fleeceĀ», which means "sheep wool fleece."This can easily be misleading about its skruktury.Therefore, once we note that the fleece fabric does not contain in its composition nor sheep, nor any more natural wool.Usually such material is made from polyester unstructured, in that sometimes a small amount of other synthetic.Fleece fabric is different from the other features of the weave: the foundation and pile it merged into one.Often, to improve the quality of it is added fiber Lycra.Depending on their thickness, fleece fabric (pictured be

low) is divided by a thin, as well as low and medium density.In addition, this material can be single or double-sided.In the latter case, the top layer intended for protection against wind and internal - to create a comfortable heat.Also worth mentioning fleece called "Windblock."It represents the average density of the two layers between which there is a special membrane for protection against wind.

Benefits fleece

products of this type of tissue are distinguished by their durability, ease and softness.This is quite pleasant to the touch material retains heat very well.In this respect, it can compete with wool.Fleece fabric is known for excellent breathability (816 dm3 / m2 * C) and high water absorption (0.8%).This means that things are out of it gives body to "breathe" and thus almost do not absorb moisture.Despite the fact that the fleece fabric - a synthetic material, it does not cause allergic reactions or irritations.Therefore, it is often made out of children's clothes.Due to its ability to save heat, even in a wet state, this material is often used for sewing all kinds of clothing (ski jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts), scarves, hats, costumes and toys for pets, rugs and blankets, as it is used as a heaterfor winter clothing.If we add that this fabric dries very quickly, do not shed and is well tolerated machine washable, it becomes clear why, in recent years it has grown so popular in the textile market.

How much is a fleece fabric?

price for this material is largely dependent on the characteristics of tailoring, the density, the brand, the country of origin.The most well-known brand of this type of fabric is Polartec of Malden Mills.Interestingly, the experts invented a fleece of this firm (1979), for which he received the Nobel Prize.Besides the United States, the production of this fabric is highly developed in Canada and Germany.But back to cost.In the online store price ranges from 100 to 500 rubles per meter.The average cost is about 250-300 rub. / Rm.