Another rage - luminous shoelace

We humans - amazing creatures.We want to integrate into society, be it always his, but to stand out from the gray crowd.No, no one talks about snowy brightness in the eyes, that would be the envy even Papuans.No claim and a commanding lead.But some detail, emphasizing individuality and draw attention to themselves, just do not hurt.Some people prefer to choose original jewelry, someone stands out uniforms and flashy hairdo (or even shaved bald), and someone like very small details, such as the luminous shoelaces.

This product is designed to make the image more vivid, appeared relatively recently, but has already quadrupled mutate (or rather, to improve), and even categorized.

The first generation include luminous shoelace Economy option.They were, as you know, first of all.This option is particularly far from perfect, but at the time it was he who created a furor.

Choosing the economy version, do not count on a bright glow and moisture protection - the "toy" is quite pretty, but too vulnerable.A

verage it costs - from 5 to 7 USD

luminous shoelace second generation differs from its predecessors brightness.Now they can not go, because the quality is almost not changed, but the price of a pair of y.e. above.

laces third generation has more quality, brighter, and last longer (up to 15 hours, and in the flashing mode - more).Average the cost - at 8-12.e. per set.

quadruple generation - the newest and most attractive option.These luminous shoelace (price from 12 to 20 at. E.) Even brighter and work on a completely different principle.They are absolutely not afraid of water, and their life in a continuous glow of a record 80 hours.

How do the laces, glowing in the dark?Why are they so bright?How wide is the range of their use?

To start find out how is it that arranged luminous shoelace.They themselves are made of a light transmission material, resembling a very flexible plastic.It is a little stretched, but absolutely not deformed.This property allows you to bend the string with such ease and even be tied in knots.Includes enclosed units with LEDs and small batteries.Cut out the laces tightened in sneakers, unobtrusive.Their light forces unit and a pair of LEDs (bright lights with a fairly low power consumption), giving rays directed.The latter, in turn, direct in-tube laces and dispersed them.The uniformity of illumination can be achieved only proper lacing (without kinks and strong tightening).

Scope is not limited to running shoes.Luminous shoelaces quite possible to weave in her hair.They are very convenient for those who are late at night to walk the dog (tied a shoelace as a collar, you'll always see where your pet runs).It is fitting this device on the parties to the subdued light.The latest models are not afraid of water, can be immersed in a vase and make a very interesting play of light - it all depends on the size and shape of the vessel.These are just a few examples.Perhaps a good imagination will tell you and other more interesting solutions.