Spotting in early pregnancy.

early pregnancy is very dangerous for both the woman and the fetus.The threat of miscarriage and premature detachment of the placenta is essential at any stage, but in the early stages it is much higher.There is a list of symptoms that can cause a pregnant woman worried about their health and the health of your baby.For example, spotting in early pregnancy - a sign that frightens many.

To begin with, what is spotting?This brownish vaginal discharge (a mixture of mucous secretion and destruction of erythrocytes).Spotting in early pregnancy may be due to physiological processes of attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus.As a result, small vessels are injured, blood mixed with mucus, there is decay of hemoglobin - the mucus becomes brown color.Sometimes this kind of isolation can appear in the first days of the expected menses (and they are often mistaken for a month), but they are nothing but the result of hormonal changes the body of woman.

spotting in early pregnancy may be the result of patho

logical conditions that require treatment and monitoring gynecologist.It is to perceive the selection, to properly evaluate the number and nature of the discharge.Most women perceive any colored discharge, as a failure in the body, the beginning of the disease, but in practice this is not the case.

All expectant mothers should be aware that they can seek help from the antenatal clinic at any time without recording, as in the day - to the gynecologist on duty.Quite often the first signs of abortion appear exactly as daub, and a woman may not pay attention to it, so it is best to err, and to consult a doctor.

spotting in early pregnancy - a very insidious symptom, because it can be quite harmless, and at the same time be the consequence of a miscarriage.

There are a number of other pathological features that may disturb the pregnant woman.They should alert the future mother and get her to seek help.They are dark and isolation during pregnancy, which in any case can not be physiological.The deep red color selections may indicate bleeding and placental abruption.In any case, there is a great threat to abortion.Of course, if a woman asks for help in time, the child can not save and, after treatment, pregnancy can occur is absolutely normal.However, no exception is those cases where the pregnancy is terminated with a threat to the health of the mother.

Brown discharge during pregnancy - as an unfavorable symptom.However, it does not indicate a fresh bleeding, becauseallocation acquire a brown color only in the destruction of red blood cells and the breakdown of hemoglobin.Therefore, this feature may be due to a small hemorrhage or rupture of cysts with bloody content or pathological process, outside of the uterus (bleeding in the abdominal cavity).

Thus, a woman must understand that during pregnancy she had to worry not only about their welfare, but also for the welfare of her child.This is why there are consulting rooms, and scheduled scans of pregnant women.Here they can not only check the operation of all organs (and their children), but also to obtain detailed information about the physiological and pathological processes that can be expected during their gestation.

However, all pregnant women should be wary of any kind of selection, better once again consult a doctor than to lose a child.