The best food for cats.

best food for cats - this is by no means a desire to stand out, there is a desire to take care of your pet so that he could feel it.Poor quality food can be very hit the animal health.The incidence of death in cats aged three to four years from the formed kidney stones, cancers, liver failure, etc.abound.It is worth adding that this is the flowering of their forces.The main thing, experts believe that it is defective, low-quality food is the cause of such statistics.

regrettable that many cat owners, in principle, unwilling to understand the composition of feed, wanting to pick up only what it is acceptable for the price.In this article we present lists of feed, of which you are by trial and error will be able to choose the best food for cats living in your home.Do not be fooled of the question.The fact remains that some animals react negatively to even the most high-quality feed.Therefore, you should closely monitor your pet for one month after the introduction of new food products.If you are satisfi

ed, that is, the cat is gaining weight, hair shines, it is playful and do not shed, then the food came to her.If you think that there are any changes for the worse, if the animal is not feeling well (for example, there were allergic rashes, falls wool), it is necessary to withdraw food from the diet of an emergency or gradually over weeks, if not all so sad.

best food for cats - it feeds Holistic class, created by professionals for professionals.If your animal is sick, you can be sure, for a speedy recovery to the veterinarian advises translate it to the feed.Outs can only be called a high price and the lack of flavor compounds that does not cause this rapid appetite as other food.These include: Wellness, Innova, Canidae, Orijen, Chicken Soup, Acana and others.

forages super-premium are those which comprised the present meat, where there are no chemicals and dyes, but there is an ideal balance of vitamins and minerals, balanced protein: Hills, 1st Choice, Eukanuba, Eagle Pack, Bosch, Iams, Biomill,PRO PLAN.It is safe to say that the best food for the cat among the brands you will choose.It is worth noting that the high price of these products will result in a good economy.The fact that well-balanced, nutritious food nourishes the animal two times faster than the products of an economy class, much inferior to the super-premium price.As a result, the adult cat is enough half kilograms of food per month.

The next thing I would like to discuss is the power of premium.Foods preceding cheaper, but are not able to cause serious harm to the health of the animal.Moreover, they are much more likely to occur in a wide network of hypermarkets, ie, they are easier to acquire.These include the Royal Canin, Pro Pac, Belcando, Diamond Pet Foods, etc.

What a nice cat food, but not expensive, you can buy?Such products also exist, but in this case, the cheapness of the conditional thing, as these are not balanced food, and you have to spend money on additional complex vitamins.Is this cat food will be more than the previous.So the savings can not think.These classes include Sheba, Purina, Friskies, etc.

We described what better fodder to feed the cat, and then I would like to give a list of what the diet of the animal should not fall under any circumstances.This product does not contain meat, it is replaced by meat wastes, Pshenko.The animal is not saturated and forced to eat excessively.As part of the present narcotic additives, addictive.These include: Kitekat, Perfekt fit, Daling, Whiskas, etc.