Vaccination against rabies cats - caring for others

Many pet owners mistakenly believe that if their pet does not go out for a walk, then he does not need vaccinations.Especially when it comes to cats.Some even refer to the village of cats, which spawn no one planted.But it is proven that the opinion is a mistake and can cost the life of your animal, in fact, cause a serious blow to the health of the family.

fact that some diseases are transmitted by airborne droplets, and you can bring the infection on their own shoes or clothes from the street after contact with sick animals (at a party, for example).To do this, your pet did not need a walk, you infect it themselves.

there are infections that animals can be infected only after direct contact.Domestic cats are not insured, and from them, as they may come in contact in the veterinary clinic or just ran out the entrance to the site, etc.The question is, do you vaccinated against rabies, in this context simply inappropriate.Of course, to do.Furthermore, it affects the nervous system disease is fatal

to the animal and so also dangerous to humans, no less.When a person could survive rabies without vaccination, not so much.Almost all the infected die.The disease is transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal during its contact with the body healthy.Cats on the list of those who are exposed to the disease in the highest degree.It seems that in this context, rabies vaccination of cats - a necessary procedure.

Vaccination of animals against various diseases begins with the six-eight weeks of age.It all depends on when the kitten weaned from the mother.The fact that the milk produced kittens and immunity.The first rabies shot a cat or a cat is only three months.A year later, made revaccination.If the kitten for any reason vaccinated before three months, it is necessary to conduct booster six months later.

Vaccination against rabies cats can be of two types.In the first case, a live virus and the second inactivated.Unlike the first, the second type of vaccine is transferred to the animals much easier and has fewer contraindications.For example, the live virus is contraindicated in those animals that are infected with leukemia.

worth noting is the fact that each region introduced strict rules and requirements.The rabies vaccination of cats is done according to the regulations.In some regions, revaccination is held annually, and some - time in three years.Vaccinate the animal must be in specialized clinics where to get vaccinated recorded in a log book.If you are going to go with your pet on a trip to another region or abroad, vaccination is necessary to take care in advance, as the quarantine period lasts a month, that is, sooner your pet out of the region will not be released.

rabies vaccination of cats - a trivial concern not only of the animal and of themselves, but of those who are near.