How to teach speaking budgerigar: Tips

All of us - children of nature.Sometimes you want to feel at one with the environment and enjoy the singing of the birds!Perhaps this is why there is a tendency to buy their parrots.They not only make your home more comfortable to stay - after all there waiting for you favorite Kesha - but also bring joy to you, your children and even indulge recently learned ear pleasing words.But how to learn to talk budgie?Are there any special recommendations for the training of our feathered friends?

parrot can be compared with the child.He also longs for your constant attention and continuous care.He is ready to do anything for his friend, if only he had been with him.And that friend can be just you.To begin with a look at how to choose the "right" wavy companion, and how to teach a parrot to talk.He must be very young - two or three months, have a small black spot on its beak.The fact that adult parrots is much harder to change their lifestyle and begin to talk the language of the people.They are used to their

songs.Young also will perceive you as a family, besides his memory is better.With regard to the spot, saying that its owners are more inclined to talk.There is also speculation that males more teachable than females.

Absolutely all parrots speak only to those who already know and who are accustomed to.Make every effort to become a pet's best friend, a role model and favorite companion.Once you are akin to, you can start training.It is believed that parrots are quiet and focused more sociable.It plays an important role, because you have to teach him, and learning requires perseverance and attention from the parrot.

How to teach speaking budgerigar?To get started, use the simple, and most importantly, harmonious, melodious and pleasant words, after you listen to them later.Then, after the successful development of your pet, you can move on to the study of phrases and even small suggestions.Training should be conducted in peace and tranquility, as well as make sure that the bird was not hungry, sleepy or irritable, that it does not distract.After you make sure that all contribute to successful holding of the lesson can begin.If you do not know how to teach speaking budgerigar, will help you this advice.Education should take place every day, take no more than 15 minutes and preferably carried out in one and the same time.Words have to pronounce slowly and tone - it plays a very important role.The tonally richer word, the easier it is to remember.

Parrots really feel the mood of a person, so it is best to communicate with him in a good frame of mind.The mood and the state of the pet is also not less important.Parrots have to look at you and listen carefully.If he likes to be close to you, you put it on his finger and pronounce the word several times.If he likes it, he can even lean against you his little beak.After the lesson, do not forget to thank him and to feed the pet something tasty.He's tried.

As for girlfriends - better to parrot lived himself.If he will be companion, he just switched to it, and they will tweet all day.Then you are unlikely to be able to distract him, let alone teach.In his large cage can be attached to the mirror, then he will be practicing a new language with itself and thus to repeat memorized words.In general, learning new words budgies takes one to three months.

is believed that parrots are more like high voices.In this case, it is best to teach his speech the woman or the child.How to teach speaking budgerigar, you have seen, and all that remains - is to wish you a good and diligent student.Good luck to you!