Wheelchair for dogs - a luxury or is it a necessity?

Wheelchair for dogs may seem a luxury.Well, in actual fact - for which the animal is adapted by nature to move, sit in a confined space on wheels?In general, stroller for dogs in this situation - a kind of chic, a fashion statement.Let's say you wanted to visit the place where your little dog will be happy not all, put him in the stroller and - problem solved.

Or another option: you need to visit a veterinary clinic, where, as we know, are often sick animals.The dog, being in a wheelchair, will not be in contact with these animals or even touch the floor on which they went, and hence the risk of infection is minimal.

The same applies to dogs under quarantine after vaccination.Everyone knows that vaccination is required to wait for a while, but after all the fresh air just need a puppy.Wheelchair dog becomes a perfect solution.Moreover, it is possible to walk to you and the dog.Moreover, you do not have to tie at the pet store - you can easily go there with a stroller.Agree, stroller for dogs - it's


way, it is simply indispensable for the transport of heavy dogs after the operation.You do not incur, for example, a dog in her arms?Perhaps one solution would be a taxi, but not every taxi driver willing to take in the cabin of his car a huge dog.Alas, this is the reality: most drivers really refuse to transport animals.Wheelchair for rescue dogs here.It is enough space, it is stable, maneuverable and manufactured, usually from a strong and waterproof material, also withstands high weight (50 kg, and sometimes more).

Wheelchair for dogs can serve as carrier, if you plan to put the animal.First of all, your pet will feel safe and be able to relax in front of the ring, and secondly, it will remain a well-kept and clean, while the other dogs will have time to get dirty, waiting for its release to the expert.

But if such a vehicle to transport the animal still remains in the category of luxury (even function), the wheelchairs for dogs - just a necessity.They really make life easier, and the owner and his dog with a disability.

These strollers allow the animal to lead a full life, even with the loss of limbs or paralysis that occur as a result of injuries, diseases of the joints or bones, infectious diseases of old age.Most offensive of all, if the animal becomes disabled, the full force is very young.The dog is forced to move, like a seal, wiping paws, and then quietly die of edema, obesity, bedsores.

This dog can not just write off, the more that it is really possible to help make the lives of almost full.The optimal solution - wheelchairs for dogs, which are to harness mounts over the withers and under the breasts.The wheels in place of animal paws.

options carriages quite a lot: for breeds of large, medium and very small.There are differences in the structures (a simplified version - the dog just runs, more complex version - the dog can sit and lie down).

Buy a stroller advisable animal active and full of strength.Old and weak dog is unlikely to be able to move even with wheels.For such an animal should keep an eye on walkers.