The cage for the dog - a luxury or a necessity?

For many owners of dogs for cell still remains in the discharge of excess and unnecessary luxury.Some of these owners suggests that closed in the confined space, and besides, even in such a small animal doomed to mental and physical suffering that, in fact, is cruelty on the part of the owner.Their concerns are understandable, but their rationale - is very, very superficial.

Why, for example, no one protests against the wooden booths in the private sector or against woven and sewn dog houses in the apartments?But this is almost the same!The essence do not change!The cage for the dog - her home, her shelter.Especially in an unfamiliar or even someone else's place.

Note that the behavior of the dogs at shows.Some are nervous and compressing the tail, legs shaking from the master in hopes of finding support and protection, and some, on the contrary, trying to figure out the relationship, occasionally showing a grin.The result - increased fatigue and irritation in the ring, so - not always a good evalu

ation, even, it would seem, have a great dog.But those animals that prespokoynenko sat in a cell (note - they mostly slept in it), appeared before the expert in open, relaxed way.This is because, despite the accumulation of other dogs and people, they have been isolated, and thus - are protected.

the same role played by the cage for transport of dogs (usually plastic).Trains, cars, endless transplant and waiting rooms ... All of this can also cause stress.Carrying this stress, if not eliminates, then certainly significantly reduced.Perhaps you have noticed that the dog is in a state of fear, trying to get into the area darker and even surpassing.It is a natural, a natural reaction.Therefore, placing a dog in a cage for transport, we really helped her survive the unrest.In some modes of transportation (eg, aircraft) movement of animals without a container generally inadmissible (of course, if the dog - not the conductor).

way, the cage for dogs can come in handy during the cleaning of the apartment or the arrival of guests, especially if they come with a small child.The kid's not always possible to explain that the dog can not pull the tab and push fingers in her eyes.Therefore, the cell would be a real salvation for the animal.The cage is needed for a large dog as well as for small.

Why should accustom the puppy to cleanliness!Here, too, is useful for a dog cage.Leaving the house, you can close the puppy for a few hours, and returning immediately to bring him for a walk.Just remember, a long time to leave the dog in the cage can not be: this is too negative impact on her health.For the normal development of the animal food is not good enough, you need more traffic, load, games and, of course, the attention of the owner.

If you do come to the conclusion that the cage for the dog really need, follow the recommendations below.

  1. Do not rush to buy expensive or cheap cell.Take a closer look.There are wire cage, folding and easy to carry (as the case), but they are heavier than plastic.Plastic cells, in turn, is more cumbersome (with the container you'll look a turtle, carrying on the back of the shell), but convenient for transportation.
  2. calculate the size.The dog must calmly to stand up and be able to lie stretched out.In this sense, the greater the cell, the better.However, the train is overweight, who have to pay for (although quite paltry payment), and up the stairs, not equipped with ramps, it will be difficult.
  3. At the bottom of the cell necessarily place mat (mattresses, blankets), a familiar dog.
  4. Purchase or sew on the cell cover (the animal is friendly and quiet).
  5. Teach your dog to a new place gradually, leaving the door open form.Put into a couple of toys (changing them every couple of days).You can even feed the dog in a cage (so it gets used much faster).
  6. Do not leave an animal in a closed cage for a long time (even if you're on a trip), it should be able to walk, warm up, drink some water, and play.
  7. If the dog is not used to whining and chewing on the bars of the cell, distracting her and open the door only when she calms down.Otherwise you risk to fix the habit whine for attention.