The most popular pets: a list of the main types

Who helps kids develop, and the old man bored alone, for children to play and adults to relax emotionally after a hard day?The answer is: pets, a list of which today is large enough.

Cats, dogs

Open the list of the most popular pets are dogs and cats.They have long been living with a man, helping him in everything.If cats bring less useful at home (they're good for relaxation, and, of course, for the treatment), the dog always helps a person to practice: guarded, were accomplices in the hunt.Caring for these animals is quite simple.Cats can be completely homemade, not all of them require the street walks.But here you need to walk their dogs on the street as often as possible.Problems with power can not be here, because in addition to the usual food that suits them, there are special food - they are not only nourish the body but also to saturate it with vitamins and trace elements, as necessary for the growth and development of these animals.


What other popular pets?This fish, which bri

ngs a host of primarily aesthetic satisfaction.It is believed that the fish perfectly calm nerves, and observation of their life calms.Caring for them is not very complicated, you can also buy special food.It is only necessary from time to time to clean the aquarium.


very popular as pet birds such as parrots and canaries.They are small in size and can easily fit in the cells.But it is necessary to consider that these birds are very noisy.Caring for them is simple - feed and all the means you can buy at the nearest pet store.

Small rodents

following pets list is updated: hamsters, fancy rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits and miniature t. D. These are small fluffy lumps, which are so popular with kids.But it is worth considering that often emanates from them is not too pleasant smell.Therefore, it is important for the cells care of these animals.They need to be cleaned as often as possible.To feed these pets are also no problem, you just need to know what should be included in their diet.

Reptiles Reptiles today - it also pets.List them quite wide, contain in their home can be anyone: a snake, lizard, turtle, iguana or even a crocodile!But first you need to read the rules of care for these animals: it is necessary to strictly monitor the temperature in their home, humidity, water level (for turtles).Feeding also should not be a problem, because pet stores offer a range of food for these pets.


Well, probably the most terrible and unusual pets, the list of final - is science.It is said that it is important to know beforehand all about his new favorite, because you can buy enough Hazards that can pose a threat even to the host.Taming these animals can not be, therefore, to provide for their next step possible.Meals for spiders can also be purchased at a pet store.It is important to closely monitor the humidity and temperature in their home, because this may depend even animal life.