Shar pei dog breed.

When you see before you a Shar Pei, in the eye catches his unusual appearance.This dog is reaching the withers no more than 50 centimeters, weighs about 20 kilograms and as a surplus of skin on the body.It is said that the fold acts as a protective mechanism against serious injuries when the breed was used as a Warrior.Puppies also folds higher than that of adult dogs (they may only stay on the head and shoulder).This animal has a short coat increasingly tough red color, at least - white or black.Language Shar-Pei has an unusual color from dark blue to black, which is also a distinctive feature of the breed.

Sharpei dog: photos talk about balanced character

though Sharpe had used as a rough fighters, their peace-loving nature will not allow it.They are very hard to ruffle, but to protect the house, they still know how to warn owners about the unexpected guest, barking and growling.In extreme cases, they can even attack defending their territory.

nature of the Shar Pei breed

similar reviews hosts that strongly recommended to train a dog like any large breed.But it should be done without resorting to brutality, otherwise it will be offended and will not listen to the trainer.Puppy is already well mastered all the teams.Still doing it yourself is not necessary, although you are able to teach your pet basic commands.

shar pei dogs breed do everything in mood, including performing your requirements.First, you tell him what to do, and the dog will think it worth it.And only then slowly perform what is necessary to him.And, perhaps, your requirements and desires coincide.Shar Pei - a very intelligent breed, and its rather be called an observer philosopher.

calmness and balance prevail in the character pei dog.Reviews in which psychologists and therapists are advised to bring this breed to those who have problems and disharmony in the family, is quite understandable.Pet will make in the comfort of a house and improve the psychological situation.His character is more like a cat Sharpe tied to the owners, but to strangers is a little arrogant, not recognizing them.He can endure loneliness, but it is destroying him psychologically.Left alone for a long time, Sharpe may harbor resentment and change the attitude to the owner.

Children and Sharpe

Reviews owners of this breed only positive.Breeders say that Sharpe was perfectly communicate with children and are even willing to endure any of their pranks.But again, for other people's children, they are incredulous.

Health breed Shar Pei

Reviews breeders of this breed contain information about such diseases as volvulus century, which inherited.It arises because of the wrong-growing eyelashes eyelids, resulting in injury to the cornea.But this disease is extremely rare and only representatives of mongrel breed.With regard to life expectancy, the most shar pei live only 10-12 years.

Although this breed is one of the most rare, it can be easily found on sale.You just have to look good.The average price for a Shar Pei puppy is about 17,000 rubles.However, you will not regret a single day that opted for such a wonderful dog!