Spirits of "Angels and Demons" - a contrast to the point of disharmony

Probably every second woman of today wants to buy perfume "Angels and Demons."Surely you have heard of this trendy perfume.If not, then it's time to start getting to know him!

Not long ago, Givenchy perfume house introduced a new perfume light "Angels and Demons."As the company has chosen the way of Dominique de Villepin.The campaign posters show two faces girls - angelic and devilish.The very same line of perfume could be a breakthrough in the network of similar shops.

Spirits "Angels and Demons" Givenchy will be very attractive for both young persons and adults, more mature women.The creators decided to build on top notes of oriental flavors - saffron, Calabrian Mandarin and thyme.Then gently skips lily flowers, orchid and ylang-ylang.Complete this amazing song vanilla, oak bark and rosewood.Please note that this is a very unusual combination of floral aromas, embodying the playful spontaneity, elegant chic, aristocratic and at the same time, a real French style.

course, these spirits - not only

the creation of the company.And what's more, they do not just perfume.Givenchy company started its operations back in 1952 and remained popular for over 50 years.The founder of the perfume house is considered to be a gentleman Uber.The term "ready-to-wear" - a famous couturier invention.He believed that the main components of the style - the sophistication and elegance.His opinion is also shared by the famous actress Audrey Hepburn, so always prefer to wear dresses from the founder of Givenchy.

Currently, most active women and energetic men around the world adhere to the same style of the French fashion designer and perfumer.After all, his work is distinguished by a special charm and elegance.The most famous instances of the collection of perfume houses are «Organza», «Absolutely», «Blue Label, Lovely Prism», «Oblique FFWD», «Hot Couture», «Play», «Homme» and, of course, the famous perfume "Angel &Daemon".This perfume has now become very fashionable - it's a classic of the genre, and both hypermodern style."Angels & Demons" perfectly combine opposites.

for young ladies Givenchy perfumers company decided to create a fruity perfume «My Dream», which are able to carry their owners to the fabulous world filled with charming gardens.In general, each of the presented scents will surprise you with its originality and individuality.

Spirits "Angels and Demons", the price of which, incidentally, is not so great - from 50 to 200 dollars per bottle (depending on volume), it has a very sensual scent.The advantages of this perfume may also include stylish packaging design and odor resistance.

Smell - an important part of communication between people.Perfumers have learned to tame it and make it able to express sensuality, tenderness, aggression and sexuality.It is these, somewhat similar and at the same time opposing components and embody the spirits.Angels and demons hidden in a bottle, in contrast with each other on the thin side disharmony.Do not cross this line, but remain as close as possible to it - this is art.