Perfume Moschino available each

image of the modern woman is created not only by the clothes, hairstyles and make-up, a significant role played by the smell.Since ancient times, the ladies rubbed into the skin of a variety of oils and extracts for the acquisition of a pleasant aroma, which allows to attract men.

Over time, a woman's desire pleasant smell has changed.Now the beauty industry offers hundreds of variations of the finished perfume compositions.

perfume Moschino - without a doubt, one of the leaders in the market, indicated by a high popularity of like spirits, invented at the beginning of the company (such as "Moschino", "Cheap and Chic"), and the new - "Pink Bouquet"," Toujours Glamour ".

Spirits, depending on the predominant flavor, divided into several groups:

- fruit;

- flower;

- spicy;

- fresh.

significant proportion of the product range occupied fruity floral perfume Moschino.A distinctive feature - it is their target audience: young, active, in love with life and men women.

This category includes:

  • "I Love Love" - ​​this fragrance gained considerable popularity since its release on the market, and holds the position for almost nine years.It's the smell of spring and the first date, first dominated by notes of citrus and red currants, passing in the smell of lily of the valley and tea rose, leaving a trail of musk and cedar.
  • Spirits "Moschino Funny" - ideal for daily use, emphasize sensuality and femininity owner.Initially there is the aroma of orange and red currants, then focus on the jasmine, green tea and peony base - woody aromas (cedar, amber).
  • "Pink Bouquet" - the initial bergamot with pineapple and raspberry, turning into a floral fragrance with musky peach plume suggests reverie, his love creative girl relevant during the evening meeting.
  • Spirits "Moschino Glamour" - applies both in the daytime and in the evening, create an atmosphere of excitement and intrigue around seduction thanks tangerines, sea salt mixed with orchids and hibiscus and loop cedar and white musk.
  • "Toujours Glamour" - ideal for everyday use, it is chosen at the same time bold and feminine women, highlights the delicate taste owner.The image is created by the first impressions of red currant and cardamom, jasmine and lily of the valley stressed, at the final stage is the flavor of bitter almond and musk.

So Moschino perfumes will help you choose the perfect fragrance to emphasize particular image, lifestyle and even their mood hostess due to the large range and constantly develop new flavors.

few tips:

  1. The first thing to keep in mind the following rule: "Everything is good in moderation!".Do not get too zealous, and pour over a bottle of perfume.It can play a very different service to arrange a "gas chamber" around itself, can only spoil the impression.
  2. It is best to apply perfume to the following points: whiskey, the crook of the elbows and knees, the middle of the chest - because fragrance will envelop the whole body.It is also useful to put toilet water to clean hair, as they retain the smell for a long time.
  3. Perfume Moschino are fairly high price sector, so to save and prolong the use of one bottle you can use a shower gel, developed by means of, respectively, each flavor.