The golden halo goddess - Dior perfume

Ta of the fair sex who contemptuously fyrknet reading this prophecy clearly devoid of fun to try Dior perfume on themselves - if at all not without the sense of smell.Enveloping mind heavy, but not suffocating, sweet but not cloying - these scents always will be a symbol of luxury and fashionable aristocratic style.

creator of the brand - Christian Dior (1905-1957) - the will of fate was born in a poor family and had to fight their way alone in using the name and beautiful fashion talent.The real history of perfume, not like Suskind - first perfume Dior saw the light in 1957, alas, in the year of the great designer died.But he was walking to the creation of this fragrance - it was the "Miss Dior" - all his life, from the time of that meeting with a fortune teller.As expressed by the maestro himself, perfume - an image the final touch.How subtly and surely noticed!

Variety perfume Dior

total in the history of the House was released 97 (!) Flavors - quite a wide range for most demanding estetok a

nd fashionistas, as the successors of Dior perfumes produced not only for the capricious weak, but not forless selective of the stronger sex.Face latest men's fragrance - "Dior Homme Sport" - was none other than "handsome Alfie" and Karenin modernity - Jude Law.

surge in popularity, podvignuvshih developers release new models almost every month, will explain the post-war economic recovery: the woman began to realize that their beauty is finally worthy of attention, and that the spirits of Dior - quite attentive Assistant case.Invariably flower range with sharply marked musky train and durability comparable to the effects of a nuclear explosion, is a set of optimum quality for the perfume of all time.Creators generously supplied chords women's fragrances queens front gardens - luxurious velvet roses, lilies of the valley lovely tinkling, sweet oriental jasmine flowers and night magic violets.Thus were born at Dior fragrance like «Midnight Poison» or «Addict 1" and «Addict 2", dressed in dark bottles, as if hiding from view the magical part of a love potion.

of the last of these models, you can create a separate conversation - as "addicts" have taken root among the refined ladies category "above 25".Undoubtedly, the flavor is not for everyday wear and is not a youth - rather, evening, decent cable for streaming seductive dress in purple or dark blue.So resourceful woman with a light hand of the fashion house Dior gained one more weapon of mass destruction - have to see the faces of men, sneak inhale the aroma coming from your favorite curls.Of course, the perfume «Dior Addict» in his heart has notes of rose and jasmine, whose solemn hymn diluted slightly spicy musk notes.

Do not be surprised if in choosing a gift for March 8 favorite prefer gold ring or a new dress is a bottle of eau de toilette by Dior.As bequeathed Marilyn Monroe, when a woman in bed, her only to be «Chanel # 5," Well, in our case, in addition of three drops of Dior is much sexier than any sundress.By the way, for those who are not strong in the French - Dior sounds literally as "gold."