Perfume Burberry: luxury world of flavors

Burberry - a very famous brand of perfume, wherein saturation and brilliance produced fragrances.Perfume Burberry - it's very fresh, light floral smell permeated flow of vanilla, musk and sandalwood.Classic flavors such is always in fashion and is designed for exquisite taste of its owner, emphasizing his individuality.The vials were performed in the classical style, complemented by harmonious composition.

trademarks of Burberry is all bottles decorating company checkered print.Practice has shown that all the products created by the company, is elegant and exceptional quality, it did not escape the spirits and Burberry.

history of the brand dates back to the XIX century.Then trading house Burberry became famous fashion and clothing in a cage right now, very high quality and popular.In addition, the company specializes in sportswear, accessories and perfum

es.Burberry brand is considered to be the hallmark of a purely English style.Collections Burberry, whether it's clothing, accessories and perfumes, characterized by restraint and British aristocracy.As for the fragrance line brand, it pleases its elegance and romantic appeal, perfect harmony with classical restraint.

Today Burberry perfumes are varied, they produced more than 30 flavors - oriental, woody, floral, fern.They are more suited to women and girls, adherents of an active lifestyle.

Consider some of them.

"Burberry Summer"

mesmerizing sunny summer fragrance, filled with lush greenery, freshness, fragrance of flowers and the sweetness of the fruit.Top notes of perfume framed by a mixture of motives and citrus sour green apple.The fragrance opens brightness freesia combined with the fragrance of roses.The charm of the flavor notes of wood gives combination of taste, spicy sweetness of vanilla and white musk astringency, framed by moss barely noticeable bitterness.

"Burberry For Woman"

Aroma, as they say, out of time, embodied the combination of sexuality, complete the image in combination with the luxury and elegance.Very juicy, sweet peach-apricot aroma with a magical splashes of jasmine - is revealed as the first principle of perfume.Intoxicating, light sweet fruity cocktail with a touch of wood and sandalwood accompanied by sensual duo train with amber musk.

Burberry Weekend

Spirits "Burberry Weekend" symbolize the enjoyment of freedom.Top notes of sage tart flavor COLD diluted sunny tangerine and touching mignonette.The heart of the composition permeates hyacinth blue, red cyclamen, peach, rose and nectarine.Rounding out the smoky flavor notes of musk combined with sandalwood.This perfume Burberry, established in 1997, give a woman an excellent mood and measured the weekend.

"Burberry London"

modern English spirit embody the spirits of "Burberry London" - a combination of classic elegance and independence.They were created in 2006 and we evoke the English insouciance and romance.Entry gives floral aromas of honeysuckle California, Nepalese rose and tangerine.The basis of the spirits of jasmine, intertwined with notes of peony and flower tiaras.The aroma is completed train patchouli, musk framed.

opt for brand Burberry, the lady did not disappointed and will remain faithful to him forever captivated by a series of high-end fragrances from England.