Beauty news: African black soap and soap Agafia

In modern perfumery and cosmetics market a new product - African black soap.I must say that this brusochek myltsa is not so little, compared to a conventional bath.However, its high cost due to the fact that it is composed one hundred per cent natural organic components and produce it only in Africa.It is believed that the best black soap made in Ghana.His recipes are many, and all of them are classified as local mylovar transmitted from generation to generation.If this soap was produced in Europe or the US, which means that it contains, and chemical components, which are currently the African soap is not.Even the products manufactured on these two continents, is quite effective, although only partially, and natural.

African soap is made by hand and is an environmentally friendly product.The basis of most recipes is the ash that remains after incineration of special varieties of bananas, cocoa pods and shea nuts.Also in black was added soap thoroughly dried in the sun and rubbed into a homogeneous pow

der bark Shea.Be sure to interfere with some oils, such as cocoa butter, shea butter (Shea), coconut.All of this substance is mixed by hand all day, and then about two weeks, "ripen" in a dark place.Sale black soap taken to the form in which it is, and already on the market just cut into desired size to the buyer.

Despite its name, this color is not black soap.In color (and appearance), it's more like oriental sweets.Color soap heterogeneous, has many shades.This indicates that the same product was made according to different recipes unique.In addition, each of them in his own good and effective.Especially popular black soap for people with problem skin, as it helps get rid not only of acne and pimples, but also able to eliminate irritation, pigment spots, eczema.This magical brusochek suitable even for those who have very sensitive skin.Even babies can swim using this soap because it perfectly heals rashes and diaper rash.

But not only Africans are capable of doing a good soap.No less popular and the domestic product - black soap Agafia.Reviews of him, I must say, it is very promising, as well as the composition.If you believe the latter, it includes about ten oil plants (pine, fir, sea buckthorn, juniper, wild rose, burr, flax and others), as well as many plant extracts and infusions (lemon balm, lungwort, succession, chamomile, lungwort, mallow,larch, licorice, bearberry, nard, etc.).The very black soap, available in large banks and has a jelly-like consistency.In addition, it is quite multi-functional, since they can be washed, not only the body but also the hair and even the face.Those who have left reviews on this product claim that soap Agafia almost a miracle: the skin does not dry the hair stopped falling out, dandruff disappears, the pores close, and just skin becomes wonderfully soft and silky.In addition, the jar is very economical, it lasts for a few months.