Perfume Lanvin - flavor of a real woman

Jeanne Lanvin - the creator of the unique smell of a series of similar spirits.Perfume Lanvin appeared for the first time in 1925.By the time the company Lanvin is a company making and selling delicious dresses and hats.But the young woman did not want to stop by and decided to create something new and unique.The result was a new women's perfume fragrances, which became the beginning of the perfume house Lanvin in France.

Dozens of different fragrances Lanvin entered the lives of many women and men of all ages thanks to a unique sensual fragrance, giving mystery and inspiration.Perfume Lanvin became the embodiment of tenderness, passion and sense of uniqueness for women of all ages.Each fragrance underlines the temperament of its owner, a wealth of character and sense of taste.Perfume Lanvin "Eclat D'Arpege" have become the most favorite among women of different ages.They were created in 2003, but continued to occupy a leading place among the sales famous perfume lines today.

This perfume combines

more than 60 floral aromas and delight customers for 80 years.It is very thin and delicate flavor with the divine train.Owners of "Eclat" long appreciated their lightness.Having put perfume on your skin in the morning, after a few minutes you do not feel their odor.But throughout the day all those who met with the owners of the flavor, delicate aroma revel Lanvin "Eclat" disturbing imagination.

inspiration to create a unique flavor "D'Arpege" was the daughter of Jeanne Lanvin Margarita.The energy of youth and sensual tenderness with genuine charm and playfulness, cheerfulness and multifaceted nature girl loving mother embodied in products such as perfumes Lanvin.

addition to the classic "D'Arpege", can be found on sale "Eclat d'Arpege Limited Edition" in the original packaging and the ring in the form of a blossoming flower and summer scent "Eclat D'Arpege Summer" from the composition of fragrant flowers and juicySummer fruits.

Another favorite with all the flavor from the perfume house Lanvin came out in 2008.Spirits "Lanvin Jeanne" with fruity floral fragrance created by perfumer famous Anne Flipo.This fragrance emphasizes the purposeful nature of energetic young business woman of the modern world.With the smell of "Jeanne" is possible not only to express themselves but also highlight their professional qualities, combined with the natural femininity and charm.Aromas of citrus, pear, blackberry, raspberry, sandalwood, peony, musk and other scents are ideally combined in one bottle of spirits "Jeanne" from Lanvin.

woman who once bought a perfume Lanvin, buy them yet.Aromas attract these spirits do not fall in love with them is simply impossible.Many ladies try other flavors after using perfume Lanvin, and still return to odors that are his, and from which it is impossible to refuse.No wonder Lanvin called symphonic tale, which combines grace, innocence, freshness, elegance and sophistication, and underlines different facets of the same nature.Is it possible to replace a varied, but at the same time, it is a combination of characters and unobtrusive shades?