Famous worldwide perfume Lancome

perfume and cosmetics company "Lancome" rightly be called one of the most popular in our country, as, indeed, throughout the world.Almost eighty years the creators of the firm and its many staff work in order to emphasize the natural beauty of a woman to make her more beautiful and happier.

When in 1935 a talented perfumer Ptizhan Arman, an assistant of the famous Coty, organized his own company, it is unlikely at the moment, he could have imagined what would become the founder of the perfume and cosmetic giant 'Lancome'.From a young age Ptizhan admired and worshiped before the woman to her he dedicated his work and life, for it created a unique flavor.

Already in the late nineteenth century France became the deserved trendsetter, delighting the women of the world their clothes and perfumes.In Paris from around the world gathered connoisseurs of fashion, to touch the beautiful.

There was the world's fashion designers, equal to the French, who were famous for their ability to create true masterpiec

es.Do not lag behind and the French perfumers - they asked the fashion of flavors.But by the early twentieth century, the United States seized the palm, and the once mighty France in matters of fashion receded.

Young and ambitious, Ptizhan Arman moved to Paris and began to work for the master Francois Coty perfumes.Soon Kochi notices extraordinary ability of his assistant and appointed him director of the perfume house Coty.But the young man who dreams about creativity, soon left the high post and open the business.

must pay tribute to the purposeful and extremely talented Ptizhanu - he was able to do something that could do great Kochi: he regained his beloved France, the title of fashion capital.

creating perfume Lancome, Ptizhar always remembered the lessons of his great teacher, so for the development of an unusual and somewhat unique package he attracted to the work of the famous artist at the time a matter Georges, who had served in Kochi.Later, he became art director of thirty years has worked to create unique bottles for Lancome.

In 1936, the company produces beautiful and unusual for French perfume Lancome - Magie and cologne Cachet Bleu.Lancom - unique spirits, they can not be confused with some other flavors to this day.

In 1952, perfume shops are its customers a new product - a unique perfume Lancome Tresor.Aroma conquered not only the fans of the brand, but also experts in perfumery.The peak of flavor became raspberry and rose.At its heart light notes of fragrances as peony, jasmine, Madagascar pink pepper, black currant.Base notes - The Virginian cedar, musk, vanilla, attracting to themselves and charming.

In 1964 the company merged with the company L 'Oreal and at the same time is his next news: perfume Lancome, legendary Climat and refined and unique Eau de Lancome.

Fragrances Lancome are in constant high demand for women of all ages around the world, because Arman Ptizhan invested in their offspring inexhaustible vitality and eternal youth.Empire Lancome continues to give generously of his already regular and new to clients around the world.