Shellac home

As Coco Chanel said: "It is a mistake to think that the age of the woman gives her face.Much more of his outstanding hand. "Indeed, well-groomed hands - is 50% of the female image of a harmonious, because the nails have always attracted attention and attract outsiders.

Today is very popular among young girls and women using Shellac (Schellac) - lacquer gel coat polish that dries in a few minutes when exposed to ultraviolet rays and keeps the look for 10-14 days.Read about Shilak reviews, it becomes clear that such a coating on the nail appearance is no different from the usual nail, but the quality is much higher favor.With such a coating can not be afraid to wash the dishes, clean the house, wash.Water it is not terrible.Schellac not broken off, it is not visible scratches and it is not erased.

a manicure and pedicure with Shellac at home is possible, but we recommend the original salon where you'll see all the nuances of the coating, which in future will be a lesson.The first application of an in

dependent Schellac may not be quite perfect, but do not be upset.As folk wisdom says: "The first pancake - a clod."So, we will describe to you the technique of applying the shellac in the home, which eliminates the possibility of blistering of the coating.

means and tools that you will need:

  • special cream for removing the cuticle;
  • spatula or a wooden stick with a rubber tip;
  • buff polishing nails;
  • disinfectant;
  • brush;
  • bonder gel;
  • base gel;
  • gel nail Schellac;
  • fixing gel;
  • sponzhik or paper towel;
  • ultraviolet lamp.

Guide application Shellac at home

first stage.First of all, you need a manicure.Remove the cuticles with a wooden stick or stick with a rubber tip, using a special cream to the cuticle.Then create the shape of the nail using a nail file.Using a nail file, buff, buff the nail plate.Be sure to get rid of the dust after filing of the nail plate.The final stage of manicure - nails disinfect antibacterial agent.

Schellac The main difference from the gel coating - is that the nail plate is not cut away, and polished.

second stage.Before the application of Shellac at home plate nail should be degreased using Bonder gel.Layer it should be thin, with frosted shade.Excessive application means can result in flaking shellac.

third stage.After drying bonder gel apply transparent gel base and dried by the UV lamp for one minute.

fourth stage.Now it is possible to apply the first layer.Buy Shellac can now be of any color, so with a choice of shade difficulties would arise.Apply gel lacquer is in three layers.After each layer is necessary to dry in the UV lamp for 2 minutes.Application of gel varnish should be ample to do it thin.

fifth stage . Cover fixing nail gel and dry for at least two minutes.

final stage.The sticky gel layer remaining after securing coating must be removed sponzhikom or tissue.Cuticles oiled massage movements.

Removing cover Schellac

To remove the cover you will need nail polish remover, sponzhiki and foil.Sponzhikom need to drench nail polish remover, put on the plate of the nail and wrap in foil.Duration of treatment - about 30 minutes, no more.Then remove the remains of a wooden stick coating.