Spirits "Bulgaria" - an exquisite flavor

¬ęBulgaria" - the world-famous Italian brand.Presented brand is known for its watches, jewelry and accessories.Spirits "Bulgaria" - a true jewel, which paid no less attention than jewelry made from precious metals: silver, platinum and gold.Said brand has been creating collections of silverware, sunglasses, leather goods, silk scarves and ties.The brand was founded in the late nineteenth century jeweler Bulgari SA.Worldwide recognition and success brand "Bulgari" received through the sale of jewelry and other luxury items.Spirits "Bulgari" entered the market only in 1990.The range of "Bulgari" 34 flavor over their creation work known perfumers.Spirits "Bulgaria" - unique, have their own character, different combinations of natural synthetic essences.Every drop of perfume contains a unique, unforgettable aroma of luxury.Each song has its own unique design of the bottle.In the design of the vials are often used silver and gold color shades of precious stones, which emphasize the sophisticated glamor and b

rilliance of each bouquet.

Spirits "Bulgari" men differ brevity and elegance, they are created for the leaders.These fragrances are created in accordance with modern trends of high perfumery.Spirits "Bulgari" women - Waltz woody, floral, oriental and citrus notes, the combination of which creates an inexplicable fascination.Presented spirits - attribute luxuries like expensive car or a watch.No coincidence that many celebrities give preference to the flavors of the "Bulgaria".Spirits "Bulgari" emphasize your individuality and refined taste.

Women fragrances from "Bulgaria" are not subject to time and fashion trends.New flavors of "Bulgaria" - the temptation to look for a new, different way.The rich, delicate aromas are created for elegant women with a delicate taste.Men's fragrances are unpredictable, contrast and sensual, they are concentrated in mystery and secrecy.

most popular flavor of the women's collection is "Omnia", which is a spicy oriental cocktail, which is designed for the real leaders.The first chords of perfume - a cocktail of different flavors from different oriental spices, complemented by the sweet notes of mandarin.The composition of the perfume are: almonds, Indian tea, nutmeg, cloves, wood, sandalwood, honey and vanilla."Omnia Crystalline" combines the unforgettable flavors of Japanese pear, bamboo, balsa wood and tropical lotus flower.All the flavors of this series are decorated with original pink bottles that resemble two rings are connected together.

undisputed leader of the men's fragrance is considered to be a collection of "Aqua".The presented collection is aimed at self-motivated, determined men.Perfume formed mountain fruits and leaves of sweet orange, seaweed, mountain lavender, flowers, cotton, amber and red cedar.Bottles of this series have a round shape and are packed in a stylish case.