Gel lubricant - assistant in intimate relationships

becoming increasingly popular lubricants.Many word about what does not speak, but this product is able to make love life more enjoyable and comfortable.What is a lubricant, for which it is designed, and what are its properties?So whether it is useful, as they say?Lubricant - the substance is designed to lubricate the intimate parts of the body to eliminate the dryness in the intimate areas, improve the elasticity of tissues.It is necessary to avoid the discomfort arising from the lack of natural moisture.

previously used such products available as petrolatum, glycerin or oil.But condom use such grease is not suitable, since it destroys the latex layer, leaving stains on clothing and linens, and moreover, violates the microflora of the genital organs of men and women, can lead to diseases.

gel lubricant - this is the perfect solution to the problem of dryness and discomfort during sex.When choosing a lubricant should be guided not only price, but also the composition.Gel lubricant discharged water

, fat and silicone based.
Silicone lubricant contains no fat, water-soluble, does not stain clothes and underwear.A thin layer of material is distributed evenly across the surface, does not corrode latex condoms and sexual toys.And most importantly, it provides long-lasting hydration and sliding.

Gel water-based lubricant is considered to be less productive, more quickly loses its moisturizing properties due to evaporation of water entering into its structure.For this reason, it will have to reapply even during sexual intercourse.Also worth considering that it contains glycerin, which, as mentioned earlier, can cause dysbiosis vagina.At the same time, it does not stain, perfectly washed away and is suitable for all types of sexual relations.

Gel fat-based lubricant is made from vegetable and animal fats.This grease can not be applied strictly in the use of condoms, as it erodes latex layer.This type of gel is intended for contact with the skin, perfect for erotic massage.

Lubricants differ not only in their composition, they have a number of additional properties.Attention buyer provided a huge choice: flavored or odorless, anti-inflammatory or warm-up, pain or just neutral.There are countless combinations to suit all tastes.We should also mention gels, lubricants, which, in addition to feeling comfortable and prolong sexual intercourse, normalize microflora mucous membranes, has a healing effect, restore the protective functions of tissues.The gynecologist will advise what kind of gel lubricant should choose.

choice of means to market products that improve sex life, is quite large.Gel lubricant will not only help make intercourse more comfortable, but also extend it to prevent rapid ejaculation.Not too intense friction will give an opportunity to enjoy each other a long time.Use of lubricants in the sexual life will reach new heights in your relationships.