Spit on its side - daily and evening

Every girl tends to look beautiful, impressive and at the same time in different ways.There are many different hairstyles that help diversify your image.All kinds of weaving become especially popular in recent years, and they are even suitable for short hair.

Spit on its side - one of the variants of such tangles.It creates a romantic, gentle way, and gives its possessor a certain charm, even if it has the character of "Daredevil."

Hairstyle "Spit on the side" for both young girls and women.This is the main feature of this hairstyle.While some consider it a bygone too old and out of fashion, many designers include it in their collections.Weaving braids - a source for creativity and imagination.You can use them to mask some deficiencies, unwashed hair or visually adjust the shape of the face that allows you to change yourself sometimes beyond recognition.

Many girls think about how to braid a braid on the side.There are a variety of weaving.Some of them are considered in detail.

Klassichekaya spit on his side

Before any weaving braids still worth it to wash my hair.For best results, apply the foam to the hair and dry hair without the use of a comb.When the hair is completely dry, you can start weaving, throwing hair to one side.Start with the neck, using, as usual, the three strands and going down on one side.At the end of the braid to fix a hairpin or a rubber band.A little secret: that hairstyle "Spit on your side" looked more volume, you need to gently pull a few strands.


The following method is not less beautiful, but it requires a bit of practice.Spit on the side spikelet is woven of two or three strands.You can also start from the top, or even a little higher.First, capture, for example, three strands, and twist them together once.Then weave plait, capturing additional strands of hair with one and the other.Continue braiding way to the end.Balance Hair fix.To make the hair more romantic, you can pull a few thin strands and curl them with tongs.

Spit on its side "fishtail"

This hairstyle is suitable for every day and for special occasions.Many girls like weaving "fish tail" because of its simplicity and originality.So, how to braid a braid on the side "fish tail"?

First we need to collect hair in a ponytail, divide them into two parts.Then, alternately on each side to take the small section of hair and shift it to the other side.Continue braiding until vpletutsya hair over the entire length.It is important not to forget that the hands should be only two, not more.At the end secure eraser tips and optional with lacquer.

plaited braids, weave not necessarily to the tips.There are hairstyles with elements of weaving braids on her side, with the scythe dopletaetsya only to the neck.The remaining hair is beautifully laid, fixed pins, invisible and varnish.These hairstyles are more elegant look and fit for special occasions.