How to strengthen the hair, so as not to get lost

the women who does not dream of a lush head of hair?What a pity that the thick tresses not everyone gets from nature.But if properly take care of them, then you can achieve very good results.Let's talk about how to strengthen the hair, so as not to fall out and flogged.

As always, folk remedies will help the best way possible.They not only consist of natural products, but environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for the health.Moreover, domestic masks, shampoos and herbal teas significantly save your budget, unlike the cosmetics purchased in stores.

We are so hounded her hair dyes, shampoos and other care for the scalp that they simply yearned for nourishing masks and vitamins.How to strengthen the hair, so as not to fall out even the most exhausted curls?To begin with nourishing masks.Very good use for such purposes, eggs, avocado, black bread, and a variety of essential oils.Some of the ingredients can be combined and mixed, but we would advise to do different moisturizing mask with at least

two times a week.Instead, try using a broth rinse hair tonic nettle, chamomile, burdock root.Though these herbs are sold in any drugstore, it is strongly recommended to cook them yourself, especially in the summer season to make it especially easy.Pour the boiling water a few sprigs of fresh nettles, and a handful of chamomile flowers and allow to stand under the lid closed for about an hour.To stock up for winter decoction, these dry grass dry and store in a paper bag.

Surely your grandmother since childhood remembers how to strengthen the hair.In order not to fell lifeless strands, they were washed with a solution of lye or mustard powder.Last sold in most grocery stores and is worth mere pennies.Grab it very long because it is consumed very sparingly: two teaspoons dissolved in half a glass of water.The resulting mixture is the consistency of liquid cream is applied to the scalp, massaged and washed off after starting a little stove.After such a mask shampoo hair-washing is not longer necessary, because the mustard copes well with these features, perfectly absorbing fat.Liquor can also be made at home, using ordinary ash, which is mixed with water and left for several days.When the solution becomes a soap, it must be strongly strain and dilute with water.It can also replace the shampoo.

Hair masks - the most effective way to quickly otraschivaniya hair and make them shine and vitality.Of course, these treatments take a lot of free time, because they need to go, at least not less than an hour before being washed off.But as you know, beauty requires sacrifice, and in this case they are very pleasant.So why not arrange relaxing treatments right at home?

How to strengthen the hair, so as not to get lost at all, even the weakest and hopeless fluff?The best folk remedy for hair loss - onions.Its juice can be enriched shampoos and balms, conditioners, and if regularly to make masks, hair loss is significantly reduced.

Provided that you are regularly going to do, you can regain a healthy and shiny curls.