Good vitamins for hair loss - to buy or ...

Few of the ladies boast thick, beautiful and perfectly healthy hair, given by nature.The vast majority of such only dream of, and it is only a dream, with no effort.Use a good, expensive shampoo, make masks and visit showrooms enough, it is advisable to feed the hair still inside.And this may help in good vitamins for hair.Essential nutrients and minerals hair, as well as the skin, nails, and the rest is obtained from within the body.But what vitamins for hair growth are needed, let's get together.

Let's start with those drugs, which offers us pharmacy chain.Widely known drugs such as «Perfect," "Nutrikap", "Merz Beauty", "Inna for hair density" and many other drugs.If the number of options that were listed above - it's good vitamins for hair, designed specifically, the "Nutrikap" - the usual mineral complex, which can receive and adjusted diet.No one argues that they do not work, but you will see the effect in about six months.If you want a quick effect, then turn your attention to the development of

the leading companies in this field - «Vishy», «Ladys Formula» or the same "Merz Beauty."Another very interesting fact: very good vitamins for hair - is a complex of vitamins, intended for pregnant women.It contains all the essential minerals and organic substances which have a great impact not only on the hair, but also on the whole body.

next very important ingredient - calcium.Milk, cheese, cottage cheese, beans and cabbage - this is the inexhaustible source for strong nails and healthy hair.It is worth noting that people often consume large amounts of coffee or smoking, calcium is not absorbed by the body in its entirety, so it's best to start with the improvement of the eradication of bad habits.So, it has been listed those complexes that are already fully balanced and have a narrow specialized focus.And now let's see, what they are most necessary vitamins for hair.The most important - vitamin A, or retinol.It returns the hair live shine and thickness.And replenish it balance in the body is very easy!Just eat every day for breakfast salad of youth and beauty - worn grated carrots with dried fruits and olive oil.

Vitamin E prevents breakage and cross-section of hair.Much of its content is observed in vegetable oils.Magnesium improves nutrition and hair restoration, refill content in the body can be, eating bananas, milk, soy, potatoes or wheat.Zinc protects the hair from falling out.Treat yourself to a sea fish or nuts, you restock the selenium in their body, which beneficially affect the metabolism and keep your hair and nails strong, prevent breakage and section.

As you can see, good vitamins for hair loss are contained in the foods we consume on a daily basis to eat.Therefore Adjust your diet, give up bad habits - and your body will tell you "thank you"!