Why shadows "Dior" so popular?

expressive look - the first thing that attracts a man (of course, after he praised the figure of a woman).Flirty eyes with a slight touch of romance are always the center of attention of the opposite sex.How about deep evening make-up, when the eyelids like a drowning man in the fatal smoke dark velvet shades?These images will help you create a well-chosen shade."Dior" - a very famous and has already become a classic brand of perfumes and cosmetics.Products with this logo have always been popular with women who know a lot about style.But it is especially appreciated eyeshadow.What palette cooked us this firm?

Along with the new collection of clothing, accessories and footwear company Dior does not get tired to please their fans high-end cosmetics.It has a stunning quality and exquisite subtle flavor that can not be confused more than anything else.Shadows "Christian Dior" is usually produced in small palettes, each of which contains five trendy colors.All of them are perfectly combined with each other

, as well as complement the clothes, the designers of the brand issued.Recent collections reflect sunny spring mood.At such a time a girl wants to bloom and fragrant fresh, renewed beauty.Shadows "Dior", created in noble tones lush greenery, shimmering light bronze - this is what you need to spring came.

Let your skin is covered with the first light tan.Shading his eyes to help rich shades of leaves lily of the valley and mimosas.Apply Bole dark color on the eyelid and brow closer to blend the lightest, which is available in the palette.Often, the shadows "Dior" complemented base which should be applied first.It absorbs excess sebum and prevent rolling shadows.

White shade shadow is always useful, even if you are used to paint very noble bronze or daring blue.This color creates excellent transitions from one to another otttenka.Now clear boundaries will not spoil the soft makeup.Shadows "Dior", sold in the form of a palette, perfect lie and do not fall off during the day.Millions of shoppers already true of the brand, first of all, because of its high quality.This company does not produce defective products.Shipments are always closely monitored and tested for allergens.Therefore, cosmetics never causes problems even for owners of sensitive eyes.

create an entirely new image of spring, using the shade of "Dior".Reviews say that the effect of lifting, so widely advertised by the manufacturer, really works.Now you not only conquer the surrounding makeup in the style of delicate spring flowers (use mauve palette), but also be able to prevent premature aging of the delicate skin of the eyelids.The fine wrinkles are smoothed out immediately, and the skin is tightened slightly, becoming elastic again.Is not it every woman's dream?And the company Dior, as always, clearly caught it.