Perfume Bvlgari - the personification of luxury and well-being

Ancient Greek race of the village Epirius gave the world the founder of the empire Bvlgari Sotirios Bulgaris.Follower and continuer of his ancestors, in the late nineteenth century, Sotirios arrived in the capital of Italy and immediately opened a jewelry shop.In 1905 he changed his name, making it more "Italian", and together with his sons opened their first boutique gorgeous, which is now considered a major company Bvlgari in a huge network scattered in different countries.

In the early forties sons Bulgaris decide on changes in company policy.They create a logo and begin to make decorations for the elite.Silver articles that are so proud of their father, at first partially and then almost completely replaced by unique pieces of gold, studded with precious stones.At this time, the French jeweler school was at its peak, but Bvlgari disclaims French style and offers its own world, who immediately finds an echo in the hearts of fans of jewelry.

In the 70s the company Bvlgari considers it necessary t

o withdraw the company's products on the international market and creates boutiques in major world capitals.Today, they number around the world more than 300. At the same time, the brand presents the first collection of watches.Continuing to evolve, the company is launching a new line for the production of high-quality accessories.In addition, it begins to produce silverware and Bvlgari perfume (male and female).

In 2009 the company celebrated the 125th anniversary.A grand celebration was held in the Palace of Grand Palas.At the same time there was an exhibition of jewelry, which was more than 600 exhibits.

For about twenty years, the company Bvlgari, spirits that delight and seduce millions of admirers around the world, and sells its products with great demand.This is not surprising.

Perfume Bvlgari men are presented fairly impressive group in the range of perfume line.Here are some of the most popular flavors:

"Aquamarine" - hypnotic brilliance of crystals of this fragrance will give you inspiration.Translated word "aquamarine" means "sea".The company Bvlgari not mistaken, choosing a name for the flavor - it drags in the sea breeze, fresh and juicy endlessly.This fragrance is designed for the modern purposeful men aged 25-35.

original men's perfume Bvlgari - evening variant - "Bvlgari Soir".All songs by the company are unique, but not everyone likes.But those who once felt the style of Bulgari, has he had never changes.This fragrance is designed for use in a warm intimate atmosphere.Stylish sound gives him musk, bergamot, amber and tea.

beautiful half of humanity, probably, is also interested in new items Bulgari perfume.If so, then the Meet subtle and refined fragrance Bvlgari "Voil de Jasmin", they are created for the gentle and romantic women.This fragrance is like a breath of wind, smell the flowers saturated.Bouquet begins with top notes of bergamot, jasmine in his heart, in any combination of delicate and feminine, it is surrounded by lighter shades of rose and mimosa, beautiful woman enveloping aroma of spring.

Perfume Bvlgari are made of well-being and luxury.They are suitable for day and for evening use.