The famous perfume Chloe

In 1952, 24-year-old Parisian with Egyptian roots Gaby Agen founded the famous and still popular house Chloe.A talented designer Gaby she designed and sewed by a helper original model dresses.Her shop was in her own home.The history of perfume house begins at the time when it was headed by her brother Karl Lagerfeld.

In 1975, the first commercially available perfume - perfume Chloe.Their delicate floral scent was not very difficult, but very feminine and sweet, which is consistent with the principles and philosophy of Chloe.Creator of this fragrance was Karl Lagerfeld.Perfume Chloe immediately found its fans and admirers and furor among Parisians.

Base notes are presented sandalwood, amber and musk.This brings to light a shade of mystery flavor.During 36 years of existence, became favorite for millions of women around the world Chloe perfume.Feedback received by their creators from around the world confirm that the house Chloe perfume debut was very successful.

seems to be such a success was to in

spire the creators of fragrance for further work.However, contrary to expectations, until the novelties from the house Chloe was another ten years.

Only in 1992 there was a second fragrance.They were spirits Chloe - Narcisse - luxury perfume, especially loved by women of high society.This is an expensive oriental fragrance, able to emphasize the grace and elegance of a real lady.Undoubtedly, this flavor is most suitable for an evening out.Vibrant top notes - a pineapple, orange blossom, calendula, peach and violet.

incredible way they dissolve, and there are warm and soft shades of pinks, narcissus, jasmine and gordenii.House Chloe devoid of any standards and stamps, and so there are unique odors.Every woman can afford it a miracle - Chloe perfume.Prices for these products are readily available to most buyers, and each of them will be able to choose the flavor to your liking.

Speaking of perfumes house Chloe, we can not stay at one of the last masterpieces - Cloe Eau de Harfum Intense.This composition, created in 2009, again impressed the world with his extraordinary and wonderful aroma.Perfume chloe, which price is not so high, appreciated not only adult women but also young girls.This fragrance is addressed to those who in childhood admired mysterious and majestic image of the Snow Queen.

In 2010, Chloe continues to produce perfume with oriental flavors.These amazing spirits help a woman to go to a happy childhood, when the sun was shining brightly and the world seemed bright, good and unlimited.They are very popular with young girls.Aromas presented fruity notes of mandarin and orange, is intertwined with the spiciness of sage and rosemary.Gradually the bouquet grows richer, there are gentle and warm notes of peony.

In 2011, Chloe once again growing collection of oriental perfume scents Love eau Intense, which are considered the evening.The aroma is strong and bright.It is desirable to use at night and in winter.

In 2012 appeared See by Chloe - subtle floral and fruity fragrance, dedicated to the eponymous clothing line House of Chloe for young girls.