Spirits "Givenchy" women - the weapon of seduction

Every woman needs a tool of seduction.There are many ways to achieve the desired image that will attract interested glances of the opposite sex and envious eyes of competitors.Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity like to decorate yourself, slender figure, stylish clothes, good make-up - all this creates the most comprehensive and complete picture, but still something was missing.The strongest element of seduction - the smell.Here is powerless even visual perception.Smell - the strongest stimulant memory, feeling it once, you're unlikely to forget it.That is the task of all spirits - to activate the memory and associative receptors, then your scent will pursue the object of seduction, if you are interested.

very popular among the fairer sex are perfume "Givenchy" female.Trading house Hubert de Givenchy has been more than half a century.Initially, Hubert de Givenchy opened his own interior designer clothes, but today the company is mainly specialized in the manufacture of perfumes.

many girls underwhelming collection of bold, dynamic and at the same time sensual flavors.

perfume "Givenchy" women are for completely different categories of the fairer sex: housewives, business women, mothers.There are no restrictions, each according to his will smell style, mood, temperament, personality.

Creating a collection of perfumes began with an introduction to the master of the world film star Audrey Hepburn.Spirits "Givenchy" female originated with fragrance called "ban."Initially, this flavor is not intended for mass sale, but later it was decided that every woman deserves to estimate the odor with the mysterious name.

perfume "Givenchy" women are represented as the classic flavors and bold scents, designed for representatives of young age.Active and strong ladies prefer flavors which are based on essential oils of sandalwood, musk, patchouli, cedar, vanilla.Less classic women's perfume "Givenchy" contain essential oil of mint, tangerine, lime, lily, orange, plum, mimosa, sandalwood, green tea.Most of all, they fit the young the fair sex: wild, emotional, bold.In separate group chypre fragrances.Essential oils of patchouli oil, combined with spicy, bitter undertones is a true masterpiece.But this smell is not suitable for every woman.This fragrance creates an aura of mystery, femininity, sexuality ... and inaccessibility.

"Givenchy" perfume for women - are always very popular, and each new collection leaves on this score is no doubt.Similar scents always distinguish a man from a woman with a capital letter.This perfume has always drawn the attention of men, femininity and emphasize the individuality of its owner."Givenchy" today - a synonym for elegance and unrivaled taste.