Cosmetics "Loreal": reviews about it

history of the famous company "L'Oreal" started very romantic.More than a hundred years ago, the wife of the chemist Eugene Schueller from Paris, using low-quality hair dye, spoiled chic blond hair.Nothing could calm the poor woman, tears flowed stream.However, his wife was able to comfort his beloved by pledging to create and give her the best paint in the world, is perfectly safe for the hair.

He kept his word was soon established paint, which included only safe chemical components.Thanks to the skills of the chemist hair of his wife purchased your natural color.Schueller was pleased with the result of his experiment.A little later, he gave his friend a paint-barber, who was able to ensure its undoubted merits, try it on dozens of French.

Inspired by first success, Eugène Schueller opened a small firm that manufactured the hair dye.Later, in the 30s, the company has become a major concern short and sonorous name - "L'Oreal".Reviews of its products Schueller received the most enthusiastic, and it

inspired him, was forced to work with redoubled force.Today, the company "L'Oreal" is represented in 130 countries, 26 international brands.

world famous firm "Loreal" with a hundred years of history could not so long to break into previously closed to her Russian market.Here it expected a resounding success.Russian women are not spoiled by high-quality cosmetics and perfumes, it experienced the beneficial effects, in one voice declared that the best cosmetics in the world - "L'Oreal".Reviews of its quality were excellent.

In 1966, the company "L'Oreal" introduced its loyal customers with a novelty - hair dye Recital.She was attractive not only for its gentle composition, but also the opportunity to use it at home without the participation of professional artists.In the 80 years the company "L'Oreal" is developing a new generation of paints.Their main difference from earlier models - creamy texture and variety of colors.

After 10 years on the shelves of perfumeries appeared cream Hair Excellence Crème.It is rich in ceramides and programmed for the full protection of the hair from the inside, characterized by the ability to stimulate the hair to repair itself after each staining.Today, it can be argued that the best remedy for hair coloring - paint "Loreal".Reviews of grateful women confirm this.

Besides hair dye, cosmetics gained great fame "Loreal".Laboratory of the company is constantly working on a variety of makeup textures and shades.The most important thing that every woman can find for themselves the right tone, hue, texture, color cosmetics "L'Oreal".Responses about it is confirmed.

company always goes one step ahead of fashion, so now, submitting to a woman's desire to look natural, the company released creams Aliance Perfect, mascara for lengthening and separating lashes resistant lipsticks and lip glosses.

After seven years of research and numerous developments "Loreal" in 1992, creates the unique tools that are able to slow down the aging process of the skin - Plemitude, and later - a series of anti-wrinkle creams Revitalift.Today it is the most effective and popular means to fight wrinkles.Reviews of cosmetics "L'Oreal" company receives daily in huge quantities.

Nowadays, as many decades ago, very popular all over the world enjoy the products of the company "L'Oreal".Reviews you can leave it on the official website of the company.