Choose the right cream under a diaper

skin every baby has a number of features that must be considered when choosing the means to care for children.Special attention should be paid under the diaper cream - it is applied to the most delicate and sensitive skin of the baby.Therefore, the composition of such cream must contain not cause allergies and irritation of the components otherwise the baby will always experience the discomfort that can result in further disease.It is important that the cream include natural and organic components, and as little as possible chemistry.

Most pediatricians of Russia and other countries recommend the use of cream under the diaper Byubhen, from the name of the German manufacturer.Its formula has been designed specifically for the delicate skin of babies and extracted from the all of the components that may be considered inappropriate or allergenic.Thus, in the production of the brand "Byubhen" no ester and paraffinic oils, preservatives, emulsifiers and coloring agents.It is worth noting that under the dia

per cream and baby oil Byubhen have virtually no odor, since they include no flavorings.

Thanks to the above qualities, this cream under the diaper is ideal for everyday use and can be used for massages.Doctors recommend to apply a small amount of cream on baby's skin and slowly rubbed it.The same can be executed on, and with the oil company "Byubhen", however, it will take longer to be absorbed.Massage is a very important procedure for each child, so in order for it to be of high quality, you should use high-quality products and body care baby.

Byubhen - cream under the diaper that selects the majority of parents around the world.This is primarily a cosmetic perfectly removes redness of the skin, which may be formed in the region of the diaper.It reduces the irritation and quickly cleans the skin from rashes and prickly heat.With regular use of a cream, it forms a protective layer on the skin of the child, preventing the further development of all kinds of infections and irritations.

quality cream under the diaper will not only protect the baby's skin, but also to clean.When applying the cream to clean skin (it is desirable to do after water treatment), it helps its regeneration, and removes toxins and other harmful substances that come from the outside.A similar effect is also providing milk for children Byubhen, but this drug has dried properties.So kids who have sensitive and dry skin from nature, it is advisable to buy the cream.

All cosmetics brands "Byubhen" is divided into different categories, which vary based on the age of the children.It is important to choose the makeup that will match the number of years or months of the baby, because even the easiest diaper cream under "from the first days" will be very different in composition from cream, designed for children from one year.And then it will be fun to use, and the child and parents, and a variety of diseases and infections will be a party.