Fine fragrance Armani - classics for men and women

founder of the great perfume Giorgio Armani empire from early childhood dreamed of becoming a doctor.He bought a lot of books on medicine, studied the articles of updates and discoveries in this area.His dream came true: he enrolled at the University of Bologna.

But after two years of training on the therapeutic department Giorgio realized that the medicine for him is not as attractive as before, and the thought of becoming a doctor it is not encouraging.Man with a huge creative potential, George decided to make a small pause in their studies and to serve in the army, in order to understand what he wants to do in life.

After serving, Armani back to the firm conviction that he is no longer practicing medicine: his vocation is quite different.He began working at a large Milanese designer shop windows.Giorgio was happy dressing mannequins.He did not need expert advice, ideas for combining pieces of clothing hit the key.Quite naturally, the creative flair of the future fashion guru noticed and transfer

red him to a honorary position of Bayer and then very quickly he became an assistant designer.

In 1974, along with Sergio Galeotti Armani starts creation of the company, has released a collection of men's clothing.It was a great success.A year later, Armani is pleased with its collection and the beautiful half of humanity, and then to the public was presented a collection of youth, then sports.Swiftly, as befits a truly great talent, Giorgio Armani soared to the top of glory.

so happened long ago, that man perceives scents as something mysterious, magical.Armani perfume in this sense are no exception.For the maestro fragrance - it's not just magic and the mystery: for it is primarily an encrypted message addressed to a specific person.

Perfume Armani Aqua - is an amazing summer fragrance for men of any age.They can be used throughout the day.Gallant, both sensual and deliciously manly fragrance made Aqua Di Gio Men the most popular and well-known scent of Armani for the whole long history of the company.

Women's Fragrances Armani are well represented in its diverse collection of perfume.Armani Onde Extase House released back in 2008, but all the while the aroma is at the top of popularity.He is inspired by the fantastic paintings of East Asia and the art of graceful geisha.Designed for strong and fragile at the same time these women.His owner must be stylish and feminine.All spirits Armani Onde Exase and especially suited to stylish classic clothing.They can be used equally well during the day and in the evening.

In early 2013 Armani has released new product - Nuances.The spirits came out a limited number of 1000 bottles.This perfume Armani Inspired by the extraordinary tissue that has been made this amazing brand.In its creation were used mirrors and optical prisms.From it were made bags for each bottle of the new fragrance.Izyashnaya massive marble bottle cap closed.