Perfume Moschino - exquisite and unique flavor

In the 80 years of the twentieth century, Italian fashion designer Franco Moschino opened a fashion house Moschino, who is still engaged in production of high-end fashion and perfume.This fashion house experts estimated at 210 billion lire, and its boutiques operate in many cities around the world such as London, Rome, Osaka, Las Vegas and Moscow.

creator of the company - Franco Moschino - was born on February 27, 1950 in the suburbs of Milan.Early in his career, he has worked as an illustrator in various magazines dealing with fashion review.Moschino then worked 11 years in the House of Versace, and in the mid-80s, he presented to the public a collection of clothes, which was designed for the streets and everyday life, and not for fashion shows.It is with this and began the history of fashion house Moschino.

can say that fashion has revolutionized the world of fashion, creating a unique style, which immediately fell in love with the women of the time.After all, such clothing was primarily durable

and strong, it allowed the girl to be myself.Franco was of the opinion that the basic standard for the production of the collection should be only the highest quality, as Moschino buyers are mostly ordinary women who are far from the model appearance.

Moschino perfume was released only in 1987.The very first song had quite normal the same name, but call it a "normal" was impossible.The success of the first creation so inspired the creators that was subsequently issued for 13 different flavors of a refined and sophisticated taste.However, the worldwide fame brought Franco Moschino perfume "Cheap & amp; Chic", whose name translates as "cheap and chic" that is fully consistent with the content completely black and red bottle.

After that release new collections did not stop, and gained great momentum.The general public were presented with fresh perfume Moschino: "Funny", "I Love Love", "Glamour", "Couture", "Pink Bouquet".They differ sufficiently soft, but at the same time vigorously aroma.

Perfume Moschino "Fanny" is designed for young women and girls.They have a playful, flirtatious and energetic fragrance, filled with sunlight and boundless joy of life.But at the same time, so the spirits inherent in daring character that produces an exciting effect.We can say that the perfume "Funny" awakens in a woman long forgotten feeling of youth and called for tenderness and affection.

Regarding the collection "Glamour", it is a truly luxurious and enchanting scent that possesses magical and seductive power.Perfume Moschino "Glamour" has a terrific scent of mandarin flowers, sea salt, hibiscus and white musk.All this together creates a unique and multi-faceted fragrance that already liked many girls around the world.

Today affair Franco Moschino, who died in 1994 of AIDS at the age of 44, continues to Rossella Giardini.And the spirits of Moschino produced no fewer than during the great Italian.The most famous work can be considered Giardini perfume "Oh!", Which has an unusual and distinctive flavor that was so inherent in the creations of Moschino.Perfume, fashionable clothes, accessories, watches - all currently manufactured Fashion House Moschino, which is not going to stop, despite the death of its creator.

also remain unchanged and the main slogan of the company.He says: "Fashion is what you like".