Deodorant for shoes as a means for removing odors

For many centuries, people used shoes, and only 20 century has brought many small and large inventions which are designed to facilitate and ennoble human life.Deodorant for shoes - one of those inventions.

reasons odor

unpleasant odor from shoes can occur for the following reasons:

  • cheap, poor-quality shoes.
  • poor personal hygiene.
  • Sweating feet due to illness or fungus.

Whatever the reason, one way out - to use a good deodorant for shoes.Deodorants for legs can be divided into the following types:

  • sprays;
  • tablets;
  • creams;
  • sticks, pads;
  • folk remedies for footwear.

consider in more detail these types of deodorants.

Spray Shine

easy to use, available.There are no smell and flavor, so each user can choose a deodorant to your liking.The market is widely presented as a manufacturer of quality shoes produces this kind of sprays.Multi-functional: in addition to the elimination of odor, have antifungal activity.The disadvantage is the ability to quickly come to an end.

Deodorant for shoes a stick

considerably less sprays, in the form of pencils;compared to sprays ticks long enough.Negative side: using inside the shoe are often broken, the CIS markets like sticks - a rarity.

Aromatic pills

This deodorant shoe was originally designed for athletes.The principle of operation is: inside the shoe for the night put incense tablet that neutralizes unpleasant odor, kills the fungus.Manufacturers of such tablets ensure the result of three hours after finding the funds inside the shoe.Negative side: sold in large sports stores, the high cost.

cream to neutralize the odor

developed over twenty years ago by doctors for the military, is a leader in sales, has repeatedly tested by soldiers in action.This cream is applied to the front of the foot obuvaniem.It is able to block the smell for five to fifteen days.Its principle of operation is that the organic components of the cream destroy bacteria that cause unpleasant smells.The cream does not include aluminum, dyes and auxiliary chemicals, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Fragrant pads

The main advantage of this tool - its low price.Pads are more suitable for those who want just to dry shoes, but not eliminate the odor.

Folk remedies

If you could not find in his hometown of deodorant for shoes, you can try to do it by hand.To do this, take the aromatic oil, a sock or a scarf made of cotton fabric.Mix drops of your favorite oil (chosen at will), drip 6-8 drops on a handkerchief or a sock and place overnight in shoes or boots while wrapping the place where deposited droplets inside, so as not to stain the inside of the shoe.The next morning the shoes will exude a pleasant scent.