Deep peeling person - non-invasive rejuvenation method

peeling - exfoliation procedure the old stratum corneum of the skin to improve its external condition, based on the ability of the skin to reproduce.There are peeling face, body, skin around the eyes.With the peeling procedure can eliminate wrinkles, keratozomy, spots, increase moisture and elasticity of the skin, improve its color.Peeling for face and body very virgin at the following defects: dilated pores, acne scars, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea, age, skin pigmentation.

Types peeling
are three types of peeling:
1. exfoliation of the stratum corneum of the skin - exfoliation;
2. superficial peeling procedure - epidermolysis;
3. median peeling;
4. peeling deep - that's what we look at in this article.
deep facial peels
Deep peeling face - one of the most aggressive cosmetic procedures aimed at lifting and rejuvenation of the skin.It is also referred to as phenol, t. To. In the basis of the procedure is most often based on the use of phenol.
deep facial peels affects the deeper layers of t

he skin and is therefore considered the strongest of all existing species.By its effect is comparable with the operating methods of a facelift.He gives a pronounced anti-aging and firming effect.Visibly smoothes deep wrinkles and fine completely disappear.Evens the complexion, the skin becomes the new sleeker, softer, she looks radiant.Besides leading to increased formation of collagen fibers, skin treatment enhances resistance to various damaging factors thus significantly slowing the subsequent visible aging skin.In short, a deep facial peels - a great solution for people who want to keep the skin of your face beautiful and young for a long time.

Types deep peeling face
Today, there are two species of deep facial peels:
1. Hardware - using laser and high-frequency radio waves;
2. Chemical (used with a high concentration of acid).
is considered the most modern hardware peeling, the main advantage of which - in the dosing and precise action.

This shows a deep facial peels
People after 40 years with the skin are quite noticeable, deep wrinkles, especially facial.With deep peeling face can look younger by five years or more.

Like any other serious cosmetic intervention, deep facial peels has contraindications:
local inflammation on the skin;
Systemic diseases of the skin;
exacerbation of chronic diseases and acute diseases;
allergy on the face;
tendency to keloid scars;
diabetes, epilepsy;
herpes infection;
Open markets on the skin, burns;

during and after the procedure
Because deep peeling face - quite a painful procedure, it is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.And local anesthesia carefully metered, because the drugs may imbalance the body phenol poisoning, which can even lead to death.However, an individual approach to the patient experienced cosmetologist can easily carry out a deep facial peels, without causing any time, the patient's health.
is also worth noting that, since it is quite a serious procedure, after the conference requires a lot of time to recover.This means that before you decide to take a deep face peeling, it is necessary to take into account seasonal features (after the procedure, you should not show up in the sun a few weeks) and other contraindications, carefully calculate the time you have.