Cosmetic facial massage

At the age of 25 - 30 years old, facial skin loses its former elasticity.This occurs due to age and change, and under the influence of various external factors including weather conditions.The muscles of the face without proper exercise can become lethargic, which will inevitably lead to the appearance of wrinkles, wrinkles.All this can be avoided if the facial massage.

Of course, the procedure must be regular, then the effect will actually face.

facial massage - a procedure that can prevent skin aging, normalize the metabolism, give your skin a chance to breathe, so that there is the strengthening of tissues.Thanks to him for a long time the skin retains its youth and elasticity.Cosmetic facial massage stimulates the removal of toxins, wrinkles, relieve swelling of the skin.The fact that the massage is increased skin temperature, whereby it improves blood circulation and nutrition.

When facial massage all contact with the skin is very careful and delicate, without strong pressure on the skin.It h

as to get used to massage, so the first treatments do not last long and are quite gentle.And after getting used to start a more dramatic effect.Depending on the type of skin, various cosmetic and massages.For oily skin may use powder or talc, and when dry - moisturizer.In beauty salons can be used for massage creams, chosen individually for customers who are able to improve the condition of the skin.A facial massage cupping allows to align the relief problem skin and mixed type.

massage the skin before cosmetic necessarily purified from cosmetics and all kinds of contaminants.To do this, the person is washed first with soap and water and then rubbed lotion or decoction of herbs.It is also possible to do a facial massage steam bath, which enables good enough to soften and purify the skin.

There are hygienic (preventive), plastic and therapeutic facial massage.

Hygienic facial massage

This type of facial massage is used to relieve tension with the facial muscles, it helps to improve the elasticity of the skin.After hygienic massage headaches disappear bolii cleared sinuses.Assign it in a wrinkled and aging skin.

effect of hygienic massage appears in 20 sessions (at intervals of one day), each of which lasts for 15 minutes.

For this massage requires high sensitivity of the fingers of the masseur, hand movements which should be synchronized.

Plastic facial massage

This kind of non-surgical facelift, where the master recreates the exact contours of the face massaged.With this massage is achieved by saving a young oval face, a significant improvement in the complexion, smoothing out some wrinkles.

Masseur stimulates face muscles, restoring their tone, so that they are able to take the old form.

plastic massage lasts an average of about 20 minutes, is composed of 15 sessions every two or three days, depending on the age of the patient.It is also possible to alternate with a hygienic plastic massage for maximum effect.

Massage Therapy person

application of therapeutic massage is recommended for people with skin diseases or injuries, facial nerve (including as a result of any surgical interventions), as well as for the prevention of skin aging.At therapeutic massage knead facial muscles, improving their blood supply.As a result of this massage person acquires a healthy and youthful appearance, postoperative scars are smoothed.On average, a massage lasts 10 - 15 minutes.

In addition to these types of facial massage, distinguish some massage techniques, such as massage Jacquet, Japanese cosmetic, French massage with lymphatic drainage.In addition, you can successfully do a facial massage at home.

Here are a few tips for the simple massage at home.

  1. Prepare your face and neck to massage: treat her lotion, remove the remnants of makeup.
  2. All movements should be implemented along the lines of the least stretching of the skin, from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the chin to the ears, etc.
  3. Next, you need to warm the skin, which will relax the facial muscles.This can be done by using a bath towel soaked in hot water.He put on the face for a few minutes.
  4. Then apply cream on the face, again following the line of least tension skin.
  5. Along these lines hold lightly with your fingertips line, gently massaging the skin.A simple facial massage consists of stroking movements.Duration of treatment - 7-10 minutes.
  6. In the end it is recommended to wipe the skin with ice from herbal decoction.

If you seriously come to the question of improving the health and appearance of your face, of course, facial massage - is a great choice.Thus it is better to turn to professionals who will provide you with the appropriate type of massage will determine the duration and the number of required procedures, all of which give excellent results that will please you for a long time.