Apple cider vinegar for acne

Most people in their tireless fight against acne overly trust drugs and a variety of expensive chemicals, although probably in every home in the kitchen kept a bottle of ordinary apple cider vinegar.Did you know that a simple apple cider vinegar - Acne is one of the first tools?It helps dry acne and clear skin from them.The advantage of apple cider vinegar in comparison with other agents is that it naturally creates on the surface of your skin acidic environment that acne is not very pleasant.

This useful product obtained by fermentation of apples.This apple vinegar contains vitamins C, A and Group B. And in addition, there are present in bioflavonoids, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, beta-carotene and alpha-hydroxy acids.By the way, the presence of these minerals and enzymes make apple cider vinegar for acne the most effective.Particularly important is the role of hydroxy acids, which easily dissolve any fat from the skin, kill bacteria and purify the dead cells, adjusting the pH balance of the s

kin, making it soft and smooth.

vinegar treatment of facial skin.What is the effect of its use?

1. Exfoliating effect.

2. cleans pores and removes black dots.

3. disinfectant action.

4. tonic effect.

5. Reduces oiliness of the skin, giving it a haze.

As you effectively use homemade apple cider vinegar for acne?I must say, in a cosmetic practice is recommended to use only natural products.Consequently, homemade vinegar better.Of course, doing it yourself is difficult and long, but the effect of its application is worth it, and then you will be one hundred percent sure that your use of this product.

So, how to cook apple cider vinegar at home?To do this, it is desirable to take a grown outside the city limits ripe apples.Moreover, you can use the windfalls and overripe fruit.

Chop apples (with the heart), put them into a large enamel pot.Fill them with hot water and sprinkle in sugar at the rate of 100 g per kg of acid fruits, and for sweet varieties enough and '50 Top apples should cover the water about 3 cm. Cover the pot with gauze.Then the pot in a warm place (not in the sun) for 2 weeks.The pot must be twice a day, stirring a wooden spatula to prevent drying of the top layer of apples.

After 2 weeks, the wine from apples ready.Strain, pour into the banks.And a couple of weeks you will be a real apple cider vinegar.Last operation: Filter and bottle the finished vinegar, clean clogged traffic jams.The process, of course, time-consuming and long, but the result is really worth it.Apple cider vinegar can be stored even at room temperature.

Here are a few recipes which use apple cider vinegar.Get rid of acne in no time if you follow them:

1. Dilute 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 5 teaspoons of cold boiled water.Get the lotion should be wipe face and your problem areas in the mornings and evenings.This lotion can be refrigerated, but not more than 3 days.

2. A handful of chamomile flowers pour a glass of apple cider vinegar.Infuse best in the refrigerator for about two weeks.Then dilute tincture of boiled cold water in a ratio of 1: 4, mix well and the bay in tincture form cubes, place in the refrigerator.Every day, wipe the ice cube face of liqueurs and other problem areas.

3. Face mask.Several strawberries mash, add diluted apple cider vinegar (1: 2), well insist for 3 hours, then apply to the skin for 20 minutes (not more, to avoid irritation).Then, wash your face and brush moisturizer.

Many do not just rub the problem areas, but also for medicinal purposes drink apple cider vinegar.Reviews most positive among those who treats such as gastritis and anemia naturally under the supervision of the doctor.Eating 1 coffee spoon of vinegar and honey, diluted with boiled water, every morning and evening, and you will achieve general health and good skin condition.