Facial skin care in winter

Many of us in the frosty time of the year are faced with such problems as peeling, irritation and the appearance of red spots on the skin.But in this case it should be noted that these phenomena are often affected by weather conditions not as the wrong skin care in winter.

In addition, the funds are used in summer, can not always be so effective in the winter.Because in the warmer months, should be guided by the scheme of skin care "cleansing - moisture - protection."But daily skin care in winter need to change the "hydration" to "food".

the skin, as well as health in general, adversely affects the lowered humidity and outdoors, and indoors.And the sun's rays, which are reflected by snow, often as treacherous as the summer.

Please note that during the winter months, the type of skin.This means that care for normal skin care is converted to dry.Qualities normal skin becomes oily and dry becomes very sensitive.It is therefore necessary to change the scheme of skin care.

If the skin is unable to cop

e with the adverse conditions that are typical for the cold season, there are some problems.Firstly, peeling occurs, which is the most common problem.Secondly, increased vascular pattern on the face.

often appear and rosacea, which are nothing else than the rosacea (of varying severity).It is, as a rule, "blooms" is in winter.Such situations require immediate intervention and review all the principles of skin care.Not superfluous will and the help of experts.

to facial winter was complete and correct, you must follow some well-established rules.And then you can meet the spring with the skin is not "faded" and haggard, and fresh and bright.

To do this, use a very simple rule - to swap the application of nutrient and light creams.In the evening, apply a moisturizing cream, and in the morning - nourishing.Also, to avoid the risk of damage to the skin in the frost, you need all the creams that contain moisture, apply no later than an hour before going outside.

Skin Care in winter it requires proper cleansing.For this it is necessary to pick up means more sparing in comparison with those used in the summer.Washing gel should be reduced to two times a week.A selected according to the type of skin milky lotion and the tonic is better to use a light on all other days.

In addition, it is recommended not to forget the various moisturizing mask, much needed skin that winter loses a lot of moisture.Such masks can be purchased at any specialized cosmetic stores or prepare yourself.Fortunately, there is a huge variety of popular recipes that can benefit every woman.

Skin Care in winter and can not be complete without the appropriate creams that protect the skin from wind and frost.They typically are more dense texture, and they contain a high amount of lipids and vitamins.Although these creams can be replaced very well and means for sensitive or dry skin that actively nourish the skin and create her original protective film.

It should be noted that in the winter months, skin is particularly in need of moisture, not only outside but inside.That is why you need to drink more different liquids (water, green tea, fruit compote, juice).Do not forget about vitamins (especially A and E), which support a healthy look and prevent premature aging.A lot of them is contained in the flour, meal, dairy products, nuts, and of course, eggs.