How to sign a postcard from the heart and with love

you are invited to a holiday celebration?Whether it's a friend's birthday party, wedding or family friends, a great completion of a gift, of course, will be the birthday card.Daryatsya cards for any occasion and any person.They can be present not only in any special day, but just to cheer up a loved one.It is important to be able not only to choose the right card, but also to issue it.

If you give an unsigned card, you lose the very meaning of the gift, moreover, it is simply rude.So, how to sign a postcard?The first rule - always coming up with the text, guided by the destination, consider the properties of its nature, especially nature.Decide what do you have of the person to whom you are writing.Honey, flower, cat?Or perhaps dispense official: "Dear Mr. Smith"?Hardly playfully playful treatment suitable to your supervisor or funny poems for a card Grandma.Pick a few adjectives that best reflect the character, appearance destination.For girls in particular it is useful to write a few compliments.F

or example: "The sun is my radiant!Today, you are bright as ever, and steals the show with its light! "This is a start.On appeal undecided.

proceed to the text itself.Beautifully sign a postcard - great art.First of all, again, a reference - to the recipient.So, congratulations to the head of writing exclusively in the business tone.It can be in the form of a poem, but certainly not frivolous, and strict and business, without undue familiarity and any implications.Ready poetic texts from the Internet to help you solve the problem of how to sign a card of this type.Also suitable option when the poem is already printed on the card.You just add the circulation and signature.

However, ready-made template texts are not very well received by close friends and relatives.There will have to be creative.In deciding how to sign a postcard yourself, pay attention to the structure of congratulations.Classic components are:

- reference to the addressee and the theme of the festival;

- a compliment;

- your wishes;

- signature.

Try not to spare the time to present the person to whom you are writing, in detail (very positive, of course).You can add a finished poem, but only in conjunction with your personal wishes and warm words.Depending on the destination, decide how to sign the card.It will appropriate humor and friendly podkoly or better to stick to a smooth gentle tone.

Particular attention should be paid wedding card.After the wedding - an important event, sometimes the only thing in life.So, how to sign the wedding card to store and re-read it many years younger?As congratulations may make a poem in prose, suggestions or even a wedding toast.The last option, by the way, a win-win.Thank you in advance and ready when you need to be at the table to tell wishes to the newlyweds, look at your text on the card.Note that the greeting must be carefully calibrated.Various errors in the text are unacceptable!

Finally, one important piece of advice - do not rush by signing cards.Contact with love and heart.Then the card will be not just a supplement to the present, and a message to a friend, which will be very expensive for him a present.