How to choose a mattress for garden swing?

This topic is relevant for those who have a private house or a gardening area has a cottage garden.Today it is fashionable to buy garden swing.And this is understandable.Such Decor gardening area not only looks beautiful and enriches the appearance of the garden, but also acts necessary and useful element.Here you can relax and arrange a siesta, a chat with the neighbors who came to visit, and to treat them, such as tea.And what a pleasure to get kids riding on a swing in the garden!In general, this element of garden furniture - a very useful acquisition.But to bring the pleasure of vacation, you should definitely choose a good mattress.And this offer to discuss the issue.How to choose, what to look for and whether a mattress to sew their own hands?Discuss.

Why do you need a mattress?

course, once many, the question arises, whether it is necessary to swing the mattress garden.The answer is simple.Required.It is important that the mattress was high quality, comfortable, convenient and easy.We offer to

discuss what mattresses for the swing is better to choose and what to look for when buying them.First, choose one of those that best fit the color scheme.Still, garden furniture such as swing, is one of the key elements in the overall design.Secondly, given the fact that the mattress for the whole garden swing summer season will have more time to be on the street, it should be a very high quality, made of durable material.Of course, with time trim will have to change, but believe me, it will not happen next season.Third, do not skimp when buying mattresses for garden swing.Comfort and convenience are directly dependent on the price.

Choosing a mattress in the store

today offered a great choice for anyone looking to buy a mattress for a garden swing.All are colorful and bright, made of various materials, and also differ in price.Agree, it is easy to get lost.We want to give you a few tips to help with the selection.For a start we recommend do not look at the price, and find out what materials made mattress.Be sure to touch and ponazhimayte him.It is important that the mattress for the garden swing was soft and easy.Indeed, in the summer you have to often bring him into the house (rain, strong wind).Another note, is it possible to remove the top cover from him.After all, textile elements of garden decor quickly become soiled and require cleaning and laundry.

make cheap mattress to swing his arms

Before you go to the store to shop, think about the fact that it's easy to swing the mattress garden produce with their own hands.Get a lot cheaper than buying.What is needed?Several long sheets of foam, cloth trim and ribbons for decoration drawstrings, with which the mattress and armrests attached to the frame of the swing.We prepared everything you need?So, you can start.You must first remove the exact size of the back and seat.We will prepare the mattress, consisting of two independent parts.Next, cut a rectangle of foam, the size coinciding with the seat and backrest.Also cut from foam armrests.Now you need to sew a fabric covers for the cut of the mattress, and sew the braid.It will be strings-fixing.All that remains - is to put on the foam covers.Now place the newcomer made his own mattress for garden swing into place.You can enjoy your vacation.

Proper care

Whatever quality and expensive mattress you bought any, required to comply with certain rules of care that he served for a long time.First, try to remove it from the swing, if the street is overcast or rain.Second, be sure to dry the mattress, if it gets wet.Third, wash often it is not recommended.If there was a slight contamination, then you can remove it by using a soapy solution and a sponge.If you need a serious cleaning, do not wash in the machine.Better hands.If you follow these few rules, the lifespan of the mattress to swing significantly.