Relief can be used during pregnancy, but only after a doctor's prescription.

All women during pregnancy experience pleasure and are in high spirits.But there are many nuances that can overshadow these beautiful days.At the time when the baby is in the mother's stomach, her body all sorts of changes occur.Basically they start because of the restructuring of the female body and because of hormonal changes.Most often, they come not for the better.

on a woman's body may appear stretching, changing shape, but there are problems that at first glance are not visible, but in the future may also bring a lot of surprises.Most often, a woman during pregnancy does not pay attention to the symptoms that are the harbingers of a serious illness.Many ladies are familiar with the disease, as hemorrhoids, but not all, notice that it begins during pregnancy.

first symptoms of this disease are: itching in the aisle, there may be bleeding from the anus during bowel movements, weight.If you experience symptoms better to consult a doctor, as self-medicate during pregnancy it is very dangerous.

Most of all drugs for hemorrhoids are contraindicated during pregnancy, but there are candles and ointments which may be used at this time.But all this can be done only after a doctor's appointment.Relief is often prescribed during pregnancy experts.But contraindications says that this drug should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.But most doctors say that taking it at this time is safe, but there are limitations.

Most often it may appoint a pregnant woman at 30 weeks or later.When the fruit is almost fully formed.Relief administered during pregnancy for the removal of pain and as anti-inflammatory therapy.Relief candles during pregnancy are the most popular, they promote rapid healing of cracks in the rectum has hemostatics action: shark oil - promotes healing of cocoa butter - has a soothing effect, benzocaine - analgesic.

main cause of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is considered to be modified organism on a physiological level.The uterus at this time increases and squeezes all the vessels of the pelvic organs, all this leads to circulatory problems.As a result, the walls of the anus lose their elasticity, full of blood, they may grow in size and start to bleed.

Relief during pregnancy is prescribed if a woman appears discomfort in the anus.This drug is produced in the form of suppositories and ointments for topical use.

Throughout the pregnancy is necessary to monitor their condition, as all women know that they have to endure during childbirth.More often neglected hemorrhoids makes itself felt immediately after labor, as when a woman gives her a great strain on the anus, while she makes an effort.Obstetrician though it tells how to do it right, but if the passage wall is already weakened, then the disease will worsen.Treatment is necessary, the drug will have a beneficial impact, but it should be done only on the designated course.Should not be abused amount ointments or suppositories, this may give an allergic reaction.

If the doctor prescribes a woman Relief during pregnancy, it should be applied in order to avoid more serious diseases.If a woman has external hemorrhoids, her doctors prescribed Relief Ointment during pregnancy, which may be used.But in order to bring the expected results of the treatment, it is essential for future mommy diet and move more.Often hemorrhoids - a consequence of other diseases in the organism and, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract.